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Your Smart Guide to Fast and Effective Hiring

Posted by Megan Stollery

18-Jul-2016 08:00:00


Time kills deals. If you’ve been in recruitment for more than a month then you’re already familiar with this expression. Indeed, time is the biggest killer in the recruitment life-cycle and is one of the hardest elements of the recruitment process for a recruiter to control. Effective hiring is about speed - we don’t mean your recruitment process should be a sprint, but it should be efficient, effective, and without unnecessary delays. But speed alone is not going to provide you with a fast and effective hiring operation.

Pin Down the Process

Know from the start the exact process that your candidates are going to experience as part of the hiring process. What stages will each interviewee be subject to? Will there be testing? What sort? Can you have examples? How many interviews are they expected to attend and with whom? Understanding the hoops your candidates are going to jump through to land their dream job and communicating each one in advance allows you to eliminate surprises, keep your candidate(s) informed and shows you to be a recruiter in complete control of the hiring life-cycle.

Qualified Candidates

A fast and effective hiring process isn’t just about the hiring company, it’s also about ensuring your candidates are in the right place at the right time. As terrible as it sounds, some candidates aren’t as serious about job hunting as you would hope. They need to be qualified and qualified again. Why are they looking to move? Would they accept a counter-offer? Are they really happy with a two-hour commute? A comprehensively qualified candidate will not only show to your clients you know more than your competitors about the talent available, it will save time at the end of the hiring process should, for example, a counter-offer appear shortly after making your client’s offer.

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Demonstrate Your Expertise

You are the recruitment expert, make sure everyone knows it. You know what will make a candidate walk away from an interview, ensure your clients do too. Dragging heels when decision making is the biggest issue for many candidates; do clients appreciate what a problem it can be? Guiding inexperienced organisations through the recruitment process, imparting on them the importance of getting every step of the hiring life-cycle right, and helping them benchmark salaries and benefits will not only show you know your stuff, it will add value to your service and will be a huge boon in speeding up the hiring process.

Know the Enemy

Understanding what your competitors do (and/or their clients) throughout their hiring process will give you the edge; what do they get right? Where do they go wrong? Speak to candidates and find out what they like about other agencies’ hiring schedules; was it the time-to-hire? Knowing what turns them off and what keeps them engaged will contribute hugely to fast, effective hiring.

Use Your Data

Concentrating your hiring efforts in the right places will save you time and money, giving you the fast and effective hiring process you’ve dreamed of. Knowing where to concentrate your efforts is key. Are you making the best use of your recruitment data? Where should you be advertising? Analyse past recruitment drives and learn which stages engage candidates and which make them drop out and then tweak your hiring process accordingly.

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As a good recruiter the channels of communication between you are and your clients are always open. They listen to your guidance and trust your expertise. It’s the amazing relationships you’ve cultivated that allow you to speak frankly, enabling your hiring to be the fast, effective process it must be to secure the talent you’ve fought so hard to source. Being armed with every detail of every stage of the hiring process and communicating comprehensively to your candidates means there are no surprises (no one likes surprises when they’re job hunting, unless the surprise is a job offer). Knowing what others in the market do and using the recruitment data you already possess to your advantage will pay dividends in creating fast and effective hiring.

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