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You don’t have to be a doctor to work in the NHS...

Posted by Clair Bush

24-Apr-2015 11:03:18

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Written by Mark Cherry from GoToJobBoard.com

The National Health Service is currently regarded as the fifth-largest employer in the world in terms of its total workforce, and as a result, there are a wide variety of NHS career paths that do not require any medical background. While healthcare-related staff members undoubtedly provide an essential element to the entire operation, they need to be supported by a large-scale operation that allows them to concentrate on keeping the nation in excellent health.

Information Technology is a particular operational discipline that has seen colossal levels of investment, and this funding is set to continue in order to match the ever-increasing needs of the NHS.

"IT is looked upon as a vital method of improving the patient experience, cutting costs and improving efficiency, and there are a number of initiatives that support those with all levels of IT experience."

The right candidate will always be a vital asset to the NHS, and this means that a career path in this area will always be accompanied by industry-leading levels of professional support and development.

Individuals with a passion for human resources may also find that a move into the NHS is their next logical career step. The very nature of this service means that HR personnel are dealing with a challenging range of abilities and personalities, and a role in the NHS shows that the HR officer/manager is capable of being highly adaptable. When taking a walk around any hospital, it immediately becomes apparent that there are many different operations all co-existing under a single roof and it is partially the responsibility of HR to ensure that employees are empowered to work to their full potential. Once again, this is also an NHS career path that is accompanied by CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

There are many other opportunities aside from these two large areas of employment within the NHS, and GoToJobBoard.com has everything that candidates need to find their next role within the following areas of the service:

Admin & Clerical, Senior Management, Medical Secretaries, Legal Services, Library Services, Clinical Coding, Finance, Project Management, PR & Communications Procurement, Estates, Hotel Services, Catering, Drivers, Stores, Security, IT and HR.

GoToJobBoard.com prides itself upon offering a recruitment service that is unique in the NHS-related marketplace – we believe we are currently the only operation to focus entirely on roles that are non-medical. By acting as a central point of focus for both candidates and recruiters, we offer a comprehensive solution to fill positions that require all levels of experience.

Contact us today using contact@gotojobboard.com to learn more about how we can help you identify quality NHS professionals actively looking for work.



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