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Posted by Megan Stollery

21-Mar-2016 08:00:00


Channels, the description for the multitude of sources that deliver candidates to your virtual lap. Recruitment channels encompass social networks, job boards, your website, word-of-mouth referrals, agencies (if you’re the hiring organisation) if you’re still so inclined. Each has benefits and detriments, but one or two yield results over and above the rest. Let’s break them down.

Job Boards

Generalist job boards are great for reaching a wide audience, because they tend to attract lots of jobseekers with transferrable skills. Specialist job boards will narrow your candidate market, but by definition, you are looking for a specialist - whichever industry you work in - and specialists are never ten-a-penny. Consider your budget as niche specialist boards tend to be more expensive but the trade off is often relevant, not just the targeting and specialism of the job boards you advertise with.

Social Networks

There are many (you know this already) and each can be used to in very different ways. LinkedIn is, generally accepted and a good way to find professionals and executives. The perfect place for people to peacock their skills and experience, but increasingly, it’s becoming harder to get a candidate’s attention as more recruiters use it as their first port of call.

If you want to get serious about social sourcing, you need to become an open web sought or maybe easier become a Twitter champion. Learn how to search profiles and bios for skills and job titles - most users include this information, but most recruiters don’t know how to find it. Twitter is the chosen social hang-out for everyone from temp workers to high-level programmers. And most love having a conversation - make sure you’re interesting and not merely spamming a list of Twitter people with the same message - it’s personal and social, keep both in mind when you initiate contact.

Your Website

Potential candidates love good branding and if your audience is already engaged with your brand, you are half-way to securing your next employees. At any given time, a potential employee could be browsing your list of vacancies, quietly grumbling that they desperately want to work for you, but there are no suitable vacancies. It’s therefore key to make sure your website is up to date with the latest vacancies to ensure you don’t lose out on amazing people. A bonus would be to install a job alert facility.


Referrals yield excellent results, but not every organisation knows how to tap into this quiet candidate market. Do you offer a referral scheme to staff for successful recommendations? If you do, how aware are your team that you take this method of sourcing so seriously? For more information about how we encourage referrals here at Broadbean, check out socialreferral.com.


If you’re an agency recruiter, then you’re also one of your clients’ recruitment channels. If you’re a hiring organisation, agencies are the experts that find the people you can’t. Recruiters train for years to understand the markets they operate in. They have the network of candidates that hiring companies wish they had the time to develop and they’re ready at moment notice to employ their skills and only too eager to tap into their network at moment’s notice.

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