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What are the best ways to create a candidate shortlist?

Posted by Clair Bush

16-Sep-2013 16:14:00

We are privileged to have some really lovely people here at Broadbean and it’s a pleasure to introduce ‘Lovely’ Lisa Johnson & Claire ‘Pinks’ Pinkney, who recently got together to come up with some fabulous tips to creating effective candidate shortlists. Here’s what they say…


“Having candidate shortlists can be a really useful way of organising your resources. But, candidate shortlists are only effective if the candidates are of good quality AND the list is maintained on a regular basis.

Broadbean can facilitate multiple ways of maintaining ‘strong’ candidate lists. Our Aplitrak product allows consultants to use the flagging system (traffic light colours) to quickly identify strong candidates by those marked with Green flags. These flags remain marked for historical value as well as for current vacancies.

You can shortlist candidates against a particular vacancy you have live and create a candidate ‘hotlist’ to group all candidates with similar criteria into a ‘pool’.

You can create folders (either in Broadbean OR Outlook) to store top candidates for quick access. These should only be highly placeable or unique candidates. The idea being – if a vacancy comes around for that particular calibre of candidate / skill set then they can call those pre-qualified people first before any advertising or active job boards searches – saving money and admin effort!

If you have our Talent Search product, you can ‘tag’ candidates with certain skills, and search for them by multiple tags and hotlists. Also with Talent Search, you can find candidates who have applied for vacancies using keywords, locations etc., and then add them to a new hotlist or tag.”

Finally, you can skill code candidates. Skills can be utilised within your own database coding system OR in Broadbean. And, if you are using our Talent Search product you can use your codes and tags to breakdown your candidate searches faster, accessing applications that have been previously ranked, qualified or used before.

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Thank you ladies! 

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