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Weekly World Cup round up: The Last 16

Posted by Laura Bell

02-Jul-2014 15:04:00

Brazil 2014 is definitely a World Cup to remember. From last minute goals, shock exits, tears, cheers and biting, this is turning out to be the year of the unexpected.

This week we saw the final 16 battling it out to reach the final stages with Uruguay, Mexico, Greece, USA, Switzerland, Chile, Nigeria, and Algeria narrowly missing the top 8.


2390854_big-lndNigeria’s 2014 World Cup ended in a 2-0 loss against France

Bar the excellent displays of football (Rodriguez’s volley goal anyone?!?) we cannot overlook the absence of Luis Suarez after his assault on Giorgio Chiellini. The Uruguayan may have apologised on Twitter this week, but it did not help his team that lost to Colombia 2-0.


2388951_big-lndUruguay react to Rodriguez’s second goal


As we draw towards the final stages of the cup, it is no surprise all games this week were extremely close. Argentina, Germany and Belgium all just managed to seal their quarter final place in the closing minutes of additional extra time, with Brazil and Costa Rica having to rely on the dreaded penalty shoot out.


2388743_big-lndBrazil managed to scrape through their second stage game on penalties                                                                                                  Photos by © Getty Images


Despite surprising early exits from some of the big names in football, there is no doubt the final 8 will secure this tournament in World Cup history.


The quarter finals take place at the end of this week as follows….

4th July at 1pm - France vs Germany

4th July at 5pm - Brazil vs Colombia

5th July at 1pm - Argentina vs Belgium

5th July at 5pm - Netherlands vs Costa Rica


With everything to play for, who will progress to the semis? Will Brazil make it through to see 2014 as a home nation win?


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