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Unleash Your Inner Big Data Scientist

Posted by Dominic Barton

01-Jun-2015 11:00:00

The term “data scientist” might invoke a little trepidation for some simply because of the word “scientist.” It’s associated with extensive knowledge and understanding of technical and, well, scientific information. But in this information age, everyone needs to have a little bit of technical recruitment understanding. With the right training, you can unleash your inner data expert, all while understanding the benefits of a data aggregation system to those in charge. Be aware, however, every tool has hazards, so walk with caution.




Even Scientists Have Specific Tools

Chemists use beakers and Bunsen burners, biologists use petri dishes and slide plates. As a recruitment professional you have scientific tools of your own, you just have to know where to turn to. Scientific discovery entails research and presentation, much like that of information discovery for your organization. You research the data, present the information to company leadership, and move on the actionable items. 

Currently, 42% of companies have already invested in big data or plan to within the next year. That means, you have to be prepared to understand the tool and the information it can provide the company. Recruitment success is increasingly based not solely on the number of hired candidates (butts in seats), but the rate of retention - the indicator of true functional and cultural fit. That is information a robust data aggregator like BDAS can help you discover. Where do you find the best candidates? Which recruiters have the highest retention numbers?  

broadbeantwitter-01 42% of companies have already invested in big data. 



You CAN Understand Data 

Your team - more importantly company leadership - needs to understand the impact of current recruitment practices.Where is it successful? What areas need improvement? At this point in the stage of technology, it’s not so much a question of whether or not you have the ability to understand data, it’s whether or not you actually understand the tool. There’s a growing need for this skill; in fact, it’s a year-over-year 54% increase. Data is slowly churning from a fluid luxury into a solid necessity.  

broadbeantwitter-01 A growing need for big data increases by 54% each year. 



Use the Tools Wisely 

With every device, system, platform, there are dangers: Bunsen burners you risk burns, chemicals you gamble with risky reactions. With these hazards, safety precautions like goggles and fire extinguishers are necessary. It’s your responsibility to stay out of data peril. In order to do so, the recruitment team needs to understand the hazards along with the benefits of data. Those who regularly work with data and data aggregator platforms need to understand the human element in the numbers. While it might be a highly technical and mathematical perspective of the recruitment process, there is still a human side to big data. Dominic Barton, our own data geek, suggests:

“Use the same analytics to identify how candidates are applying, your company’s employer demographic (what kind of person is most likely to apply to your company?), and use those trends to up your recruiting prowess.”

Simply stated, use the data in from your recruitment tools to ascertain human behavior - specifically your own candidate behavior - in and throughout the recruitment process. It’s more than just information for the sake of knowledge. Recruiting departments can use this data to improve their targeting practices by understanding the behavior behind candidate responses.

In today’s information age, there’s no escaping the use of technology to expedite and reformulate the recruitment process. With big data aggregators, you will have the insight you need to change previous recruitment practices and theories, much like scientific discovery. With proper training, you can learn how to use these robust systems safely, despite the potential pitfalls. Understanding what the data can do for your organization and how it interacts with the human experience in your recruitment process is the first step.

Your inner scientist is waiting for the right tool to kick into action. Broadbean’s Big Data Analytics Suite is that tool. Give us a call to see how you can get started.

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