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Pipelining, Persuasion and Early Onboarding with Goodgame Studios

Posted by Ramat Tejani

04-Sep-2015 12:34:18


Topics: HR Technology, HR Data, Talent Analytics, onboarding

5 Ways to Tackle Your Big Data Vicious Circle

Posted by Megan Stollery

24-Jun-2015 17:41:07


Topics: Big Data, HR Technology, HR Data, Talent Analytics, big data analytics

A Seat at the Table for HR: Driving Talent Acquisition Outcomes

Posted by Kelly Robinson

11-May-2015 11:00:00

HR plays a major role in driving business outcomes, period. They are the proprietors of company talent acquisition and the individuals responsible for driving new hire goal alignment because...

Topics: employment, Talent Attraction, Hiring Trends, Talent Analytics

Consult Talent Analytics Before Making Big Business Decisions

Posted by Alistair Neal

16-Apr-2015 13:00:00

Companies have long used big data to make more educated and precise business decisions. Recently, as we and many others have told you, data analytics has a large impact in the way organizations...

Topics: Talent Analytics

The Devil’s in the Details: Being Statistically “Significant”

Posted by The Bean Team

27-Jan-2015 13:00:00


Big data has flooded HR and recruiting articles in regards to candidate assessment. What does this vast amount of information mean on a grander scale? Big numbers can mean big trouble for...

Topics: Talent Analytics