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Recruiting: Where HR Meets Marketing

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

23-Dec-2014 09:00:00

Should HR be more like marketing? Think more like marketing? Report to marketing? These are recurring questions and themes about which a lot of practitioners, commentators and bloggers around both...

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Internal vs External Recruiting - Which Side Are You On?

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

17-Nov-2014 09:00:00

As recruiters we spend a lot of time on talent attraction, looking at ways we can encourage the best and the brightest to come and work for us. Each new role has a hiring manager brief and we...

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6 Things HR Gets Wrong About Big Data

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

21-Oct-2014 09:00:00

If you're an HR professional and happen to have ventured on to social media, read a blog, visited an HR technology conference or kept up to speed with newsletters from your professional body at...

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6 Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

30-Jul-2014 09:48:00

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Recruitment Disruption at #iRecruitExpo

Posted by Megan Stollery

11-Jun-2014 15:00:18

Last week I joined up with the Broadbean crew at iRecruitExpo in Amsterdam - a two day conference and exhibition looking at current and future trends in recruitment. There were over 60 speakers...

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