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How 'Refer A Friend' Ready Are You?

Posted by Megan Stollery

17-Aug-2015 18:00:00

Referring a friend for a role at your company may bring some hesitancy; what if they are not good enough? What if they don’t like the role? Will they make me look bad? And how will your friendship...

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Does Your Company Culture Have a Quality Control Issue?

Posted by Kelly Robinson

13-May-2015 11:00:00

Culture isn’t just a buzzword people are using to tackle issues in the workplace — it’s something people can act on, and whether companies want to admit it or not, they produce results. Sometimes...

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Data-Driven Employee Referrals In Action

Posted by Dominic Barton

29-Apr-2015 11:00:00

The age of the Cloud is upon us, and it means changing the way we use the information therein. It’s not a question of “if” your department will adopt big data practices, but rather “when.”...

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Employees + Referrals = Better ROI

Posted by Alistair Neal

23-Feb-2015 14:00:00


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