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The Challenge - Reaching Candidates with the Level of Skills & Experience Required

Posted by Megan Stollery

07-Feb-2017 08:48:00


 Written by In Touch Networks

It’s notoriously difficult to find top level directors and executives for job vacancies and opportunities you’re advertising - not only because people in these positions tend to find work through their connections and word of mouth, but also because the position criteria is often very specific.

Companies posting board position vacancies want candidates with extensive experience in senior management, who are able to take on all the demanding responsibilities of the role. They need to be able to steer the executive team in making decisions, whilst understanding the dynamics of the board room.

Posting these sorts of roles online may attract a couple of applicants, but to find a real wealth of talent, recruiters need access to a central network of professionals who already meet a set of criteria for these skilled roles. That’s where In Touch Networks comes in.   

Why do companies use In Touch Networks to recruit and post jobs?

In Touch Networks, the company behind NonExecutiveDirectors.com, FinanceDirectorNetwork.com, TheConsultantHub.com and several other well-known professional networks, has grown by 454% in the last four years.

Their database of over 32,000 elite members includes non-executive directors, board and chair members, consultants and finance directors. Members already have the talent and experience to excel in top-level roles; the reason they join the networks is because of the great jobs they can access.

Posting a job on any of the networks is completely free.

For companies or recruiters wanting direct access to all of the professional members, In Touch Networks’ dedicated jobs team offers a full bespoke service, advising you on how best to present roles on the network for the maximum exposure and response.

They’ve advertised jobs on behalf of some really great companies, including Unicef, BBC, National Trust, London Stock Exchange and the NHS.

 Find experienced, skilled professionals for your top level jobs with In Touch Networks.