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Talent Search Best Practice

Posted by Megan Stollery

18-Jan-2016 14:00:00


Candidate sourcing is, without doubt, the hot topic of 2016. As the talent squeeze intensifies, the competition to secure the top people quickly is key to being successful now and over the coming years. Recruiters need to think lean and get smart. How to do this? Well, the principal starting point is ensuring you apply best practice to every aspect of your talent search.

But what is best practice? That can depend on the tools available and the markets you work in, but there are general rules and principles that can be applied by every recruiter, no matter what you have available at your fingertips. Let’s take you through our step-by-step guide to Talent Search Best Practice and maximising your sourcing efforts.

1. Advertising

Recruitment advertising doesn’t unfortunately, get the dedicated time and effort it requires from recruiters. The cynical recruiter may question the benefit of expending energy crafting a well-written advert, citing the unsuitable applicants they always seem to attract. Consider your advert the base from which all sourcing springs. Adverts should be engaging, spell-checked, not too long, and most certainly, should not be cut and pasted from job descriptions. Keywords are vital, provided you don’t saturate your content and they will ensure your advert appears in front your target audience.

2. Social Media

Are you socially connected? You may not be active on Twitter or Facebook for day-to-day business, but your agency or in-house recruitment department will have (or should have) profiles that you can utilise to contact potential candidates. There are few who don’t appreciate the benefit of social networks and few utilise them to the benefit of their sourcing efforts.

If your organisation understands the time and cost benefits of using tools such as Broadbean, then you already know the huge advantages that come when you are able post adverts across all of your social channels through one portal. If you aren’t aware of how we help recruiters connect through social channels, now might just be the time to find out.

3. CV Alerts

CV Alerts are your digital angels that deliver candidates directly to your inbox the moment someone suitable registers on a job board. Often underused, but, if set-up correctly, CV alerts will save you considerable time. Yes, you still have to undertake your initial job board database hunt, but once you complete the first search, simply create an alert with the same parameters you searched the database and bingo, as soon as fresh candidates register, their CV arrives in your inbox. You can also set this up once on Broadbean and for the roles your regularly recruit for, source your new prospective candidates from within the Search tool.

4. Existing talent pool

As an experienced, successful recruiter you have spent your career speaking to candidates and developing relationships that you might not have made placements from. Every interaction with your yet-to-be-placed talent pool should be stellar and don’t forget to keep in contact despite not necessarily having a suitable role at that time. You never know when the ideal role might come up, so ensure that your yet-to-be-placed talent pool is not neglected. It takes little effort to stay in contact and the rewards will be manifold.

5. Referrals from your network

You’re a well-connected recruiter, right? You have an expansive network of contacts that aren’t your candidate pool, but swim in the same waters. They already know your worth as a recruiter - your credentials are good, so get in contact - word of mouth recommendations statistically result in better engaged and longer serving employees.

Talent search best practice is essential if you want to win the personnel war. Undertaking tasks that keep you busy while achieving little will only frustrate your sourcing efforts. Lean recruiters cut out the unnecessary and concentrate on the essentials. Create a checklist of essential actions you must undertake as part of every sourcing exercise; it might look a little like this:

  1. Job description (Advert)
  2. Social channel posts
  3. Job board searching
  4. CV alerts
  5. In-house database searching
  6. Referrals from your existing network 

The solutions we offer at Broadbean can help you with all of the above. If you haven’t already nailed down your recruitment best practice, then now is the perfect time to get in contact and let us show you how Broadbean can help you find and source the best talent on the market.

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