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Seven Predictions for 2016 from Barclay Jones

Posted by Ramat Tejani

01-Dec-2015 12:23:42

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Article by Wayne Barclay of Barclay Jones 


We’re celebrating our seventh birthday.  You can see Lisa’s and Rhiannon’s celebrations birthday blogs too.

Seven years has disappeared in a puff of recruitment workflow, systems and recruiter smoke.

I’ve been thinking about what’s likely to happen in recruitment tech 2016. 

Deloitte creates an annual Predictions report outlining what they think is going to happen in the tech space each year. Lisa and I often pour over it and cluck like robot hens over a tech trough. In 2008 Deloitte said that it was all about nanotech, talent issues in the tech space, security and privacy [link].  Has much changed?  And how does this affect recruiting?

Here are my Seven Recruitment Tech Predictions for 2016

I’ve seen a lot of change in both recruitment and recruitment tech in the 16 years I’ve been in the sector.  Here are my seven predictions for next year.


Mobile Recruiters

Mobile is only getting bigger – but it needs to be physical, not just digital.

Recruiter workflows need to get mobile.  The workflow needs to empathise and capitalise on candidates and clients being mobile.  Lots of stats prove that whilst talent and clients are accessible, recruiters are restricted from being productive.  (Check out our next webinar on Mobile CRM.)

With mobile search overtaking desktop for the first time, ignoring the pervasiveness of mobile devices is no longer an option. Recruiters can use smartphones for posting job ads, researching candidates and updating CRM – and they should!  Talent and clients use mobiles for applying and researching…


Marketing Automation

Lots of talk about this, and likely to be a big talking point in 2016.  But with so many recruiters having little or no marketing goals or strategy, this is likely to be a tactic-driven development which could explode in the faces of many recruitment firm.  The recruitment sector is renowned for spam and junk-food content… let’s hope that the advent of automated marketing is slotted in to a decent and robust marketing plan or we will simply be consistent in our approach to annoy the talent we are trying to attract.  It’s all about strategy.



2015 was the year of CRM for our clients, and we want it to remain this for 2016 too.  Social media now has its place in many of our clients – to attract and deliver talent back to the homestead (CRM) and create an asset for our recruitment leaders.  It’s all you really own so get it working for you (both from a workflow and a metrics perspective).


Video Recruitment

Many believe 2016 will be the year of video CVs – what do you think? We’re always ready to embrace new technology, but we’re not sure whether video applications will take off just yet – although you never know what the future brings! 


Data Cleansing

More and more businesses will realise that their problem with CRM isn’t the system (even though engagement rates with CRM will remain lower than expected) but more around the data held within it.  2016 will be not only a year of getting the asset working harder for the business (by improving workflows and providing great support to users), but also clearing out the rubbish held within it. Quality within a database will provide more value (and increase engagement) than having every man and his dog in it!


Outbound Marketing

The advent of social media (around the time Barclay Jones was born) made recruiters get whiplash in their rush to put down the phone and sack the postman.  We predict that outbound marketing, specifically mailshots and eshots, will increase the revenues of recruiters who decide to make use of the data that social media has collected for them and begin to proactively engage with their talent and client base.


Tech Meets Recruiter

The future of profitable agency recruiting is where technology meets skilled human interactionGreg Savage

Recruiter workflows will finally get to grips with tech and not be challenged by the “get on the phone” mentality which can in actual fact slow down comms and disrupt the process.  Yes, I get that it’s a crazy suggestion to make – that recruiters need not make calls to recruit - but the fact is that your recruiters are paralysed by options and a skilled recruiter in 2016 will know what to use and when, and a skilled recruitment leader will create the environment (and metrics) to allow this to make money for them.

What are your predictions for 2016?  Will the changes in tech and the adoption of tech achieve your business goals next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



About Wayne Barclay

Wayne is a Director of Barclay Jones, a consultancy working with agency recruiters on their recruitment technology and social media strategies. He specialises in recruitment technology, CRM and website implementation, is a virtual IT director, and loves business process mapping and working with clients to re-engineer workflows and making their recruiters more effective.