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The Role Social Media Plays in HR Big Data

Posted by The Bean Team

26-Mar-2015 09:00:00

Still a hot topic in the recruitment field is big data. It can make or break recruiting practices depending on how effective a company is at deciphering the large amounts of data organized hiring processes procure. So many organizations already use social media as a means to evaluate their candidates, but nearly the opposite is true for big data.

With the volume of candidate intelligence, why wouldn’t they use big data as a means to better analyze their talent pool? It can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools, not to mention if it’s not used properly, you can miss key data. However, social media plays a vital role in big data analytics.




How do They Work Together?

Big data analytic programs take recruiting analytics from the ATS, job boards, social platforms and CRM and help you understand your team’s recruitment performance. It helps recruiting departments track the effectiveness of recruiters and easy access to key metrics so your team can make educated hiring decisions later on. Let’s look at how big data affects the recruitment process:

      67% of employers who use big data to inform recruitment practices said it lowered their cost per hire.

      71% of employers said big data reduced their time to hire.


It’s Not Just Technical…

Recruiters need tools to better their practices, and big data is just that… a tool. Recruitment still needs a human hand in the process; you simply can’t rely solely upon technology alone. Cheryl Morgan (@cherylrm), Social Media Marketing Manager at Social-Hire.com, said:

“No matter how effectively masses of data are processed and analysed, you still need actual people with experience in social media recruiting who know how to interpret the information algorithms produce. Human expertise is the third necessary factor in addition to big data and social media platforms in successful social media recruiting.”

The recruitment team needs to include these people who have a deep understanding of social recruiting to make the most of the information big data provides organizations. Big data allows specialists to use this evidence and make educated hiring decisions.


Why the Combination Works

I wish I could tell you the specific mathematical formula for the perfect combination of social media and big data, but the truth is, there isn’t one. You have to find the data points and understand the analytics that can make your recruitment department better. With that said, however, there are common attributes between this elusive formula and the acquisition of highly skilled candidates. Because many job seekers are on social platforms, organizations now sift through the information to find capable talent online and make their processes more effective. In a recent post our COO, Dominic Barton, said: 

“Organizations now use the data candidates put out onto social media to aggregate more information on making an educated hiring decision. While the gut instinct of recruiters and hiring managers to find the best candidate is invaluable, it can only be bettered with the integration of big data.”

As the recruitment practices branch out and not only peruse social media accounts for means to deny a candidate, but also use the information to source candidates, recruitment teams need more robust tools. Tools like big data. 

Recruiters need tools like big data to aggregate and evaluate candidate information, and they do so by taking material from social media platforms and information from the organization’s ATS and HRIS. The Big Data Analytics Suite makes it easier for recruiters to get a complete picture of a candidate’s fit, but that information has to be analyzed by a specialist. Ready to speed up your recruiting process? Use big data to get the most out of your social media analysis.

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