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Is there still a role for job boards? #RecHangout

Posted by Kazz Kumar

16-May-2014 14:17:24




On May 7th, we joined Tony Restelll (Founder of Social Hire) at the #RecHangout hosted by Colleague Software to discuss 'is there still a role for job boards?'

We discussed social networks V job boards and if social advertising will replace the use of job boards.

We also discussed the need for job boards and if they are just used to serve active job seekers.

View the video below for in depth coverage:





Here are some of Steve's points on the topic:

  • A job board search engine has more search options in comparison to any social channel
  • Not all social channels make it easy to build relationships with people
  • Some people are reluctant to share personal information via social networks
  • When someone uploads a CV to a job board, you know that they are actively looking for a job and are commited
  • Do you know if your consultants are good with engaging with people via social media?
  • You have to take a different approach when searching for a candidate online in comparison to searching on job boards


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Thank you to Colleague Software,  UK RecruiterTIRA and RCEuro for the #RecHangout session.


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