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Reach Those Hard to Find Candidates Through Effective Sourcing

Posted by Megan Stollery

27-Jun-2016 08:00:00


As a recruiter, you know how important it is to find the best people, quickly. To do that, it means sourcing high and low, maintaining a network of hot candidates. You turn to job boards, scour LinkedIn and hopefully use a multi-posting tool to post adverts - everything that every other recruiter is doing and has always done. But that’s not resourcing, that’s covering your bases. Now the real work starts.

Effective sourcing means targeting a very specific number of people who have very specific skills and experience. Especially for technical roles, the chance that the perfect candidates will apply for your vacancy can be a bit hit-and-miss. So, how do you go about effectively sourcing the hard-to-find candidates?

Social Networking

Let’s start with the obvious one: LinkedIn. What was once a social network for the business community, is now the go-to place for recruiters to build people-profiles and start head hunting. LinkedIn has become so reliant on the recruitment market, the majority of premium packages offered are either aimed at recruiters or job hunters. LinkedIn can be expensive, potential candidates might not be receptive to receiving Inmails (or replying), and users get inundated with contact requests from recruiters. LinkedIn is, to a degree, essential, but there are other ways of successfully making contact.

Twitter is the untapped resource of candidates that recruiters are often too scared to utilise. Twitter is a great tool, if you know how to use it. Once upon a time we used to x-ray search Google for Twitter profiles, now you have Follower Wonk (and the like). Treat it like a CV search - type in the job title and location and see search results of potential candidates unfold before you. Most likely, many you won’t have seen before. Profile information is limited, but you can tweet people directly and follow them. If you tweet an engaging message that beats the competition to the punch, you’ve just discovered a new way to resource!

Do you recruit for very specialist roles? Do you know where your candidate pool virtually hangs out? Getting actively involved in communities where your potential candidates contribute, such as Reddit, 4chan, and Pastebin will not only help you tap into a niche market of skilled people, but you will increase your technical knowledge and your standing as a recruiter, the perfect segue to our next point of discussion.

Your reputation as a recruiter is one of the most important aspects of finding those hard-to-reach candidates and there is no better way to source candidates than to be recommended to them, or them recommended to you. Either way, it’s your reputation as a recruiter that has generated the recommendation (and we would hope many more). Becoming a successful recruiter requires dedication, industry specialism, long-term commitment and that is what you should show every candidate and client you meet. Every interaction, over the phone or in person, is important and could generate more business. Word-of-mouth business lies at the heart of every successful recruitment desk.

Sourcing candidates is never an easy job and some even look at the duty with little pleasure. But resourcing should be exactly that, a pleasure. Networking, tapping into social networks, demonstrating your knowledge, industry expertise, and insights of the job market surrounding it will generate the candidates you need.

Build your reputation, use the right tools, and start to make resourcing candidates more fun!

Interested in reading more about effective sourcing? Download our whitepaper Rules of Engagement in a Digital World.

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