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Pipelining, Persuasion and Early Onboarding with Goodgame Studios

Posted by Ramat Tejani

04-Sep-2015 12:34:18



Recruitment technology is a hot topic for internal recruiters around the world. And in his latest podcast, ‘Pipelining, Persuasion and Early Onboarding’, Matt Alder has been looking at the broader European perspective on the issue. In this podcast Matt speaks to Ina Bourmer, Head of HR and Talent Acquisition for Goodgame Studios based in Hamburg, Germany. Goodgame Studio is an online games company founded in 2009, which now has over 1200 employees.

Being the fastest growing employer within the games sector in Europe requires Bourmer’s team to stay ahead of talent acquisition trends especially as a number of potential candidates are being sourced from around the world.

Ina also shares her insight on the importance of having a 100% direct sourcing model. A model that includes a dedicated onboarding team who get involved at initial stages of the process. 

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