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Optimise your Application Process for the Best Talent

Posted by Megan Stollery

18-Feb-2016 17:56:01


For the most part there isn’t masses of available talent out there – we are in a candidate scarce situation. Couple that with time and cost also of prime importance to employers, the challenge is epic!

 Key to facing your talent acquisition mountain, this is the optimisation of your application process in order to attract the best talent and make the best use of each application possible. The following steps are designed to help you achieve this.

It's a Numbers Game

The success of any recruitment project relies initially on attracting a sizeable pool of high calibre applicants to choose from. The placement of your advertising is of vital importance. Where do your ideal candidates hang out/read/share content? What social media channels do they frequent? How do they hear about vacancies in your particular field? If you don't already know the answers, it's important you are able to monitor the source of your applications in order to fine tune your advertising spend and messages. One of the best strategies is to ensure your advert is placed across the maximum amount of suitable locations, then carefully monitor your responses. Using a job distribution tracking system will automatically post your advert to all of the relevant channels will result in considerable time and money savings and ensure you reach the maximum number of suitable candidates. The benefit of using tech is that you can see exactly where the best talent is coming from.

Another platform to explore is a referral scheme, which makes use of your existing employees by using their social networks as a candidate pool. Not only is employee referral a highly effective method of finding the right people, it also empowers your existing employees and allows them to become a real part of steering your company's future.

In order to achieve maximum results from a social referral scheme, it's certainly worth considering an automated, easy to use system that enables direct referrals for positions as well as the facility to share adverts across a user's own social networks. A reward system for successful referrals will encourage company use and ultimately cut recruitment spend.

Maximise your ROI for Every Application

Every response you receive to an advert is an opportunity for both you and the candidate. It's vital that you are able to successfully scan each application to ensure that no future gems slip through your recruitment net. Talent pooling or automating applications will effectively streamline this process and enable you to make the most of every application. An automated filtering process is able to index and tag all responses to your advert and create a fully searchable database of CVs.

Monitor Advertising Efficiency

As previously mentioned, recruitment can be costly so it's vitally important that you are able to track the source of each application. This provides you with information about where the very best talent is coming from and enables you to modify your future advertising strategies. Automating this process will not only provide you with information about the source of your best applicants, you can also obtain valuable data about other factors, such as the best time of day to post adverts to achieve the optimum number of applicants.

If you aren’t aware already, we do all of the above and a considerable amount more!


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