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#ONREC Conference Round-up

Posted by Clair Bush

02-Oct-2013 08:37:30

The 9th ONREC conference had a fantastic line up of keynote speakers who covered the impact of the economy on the UK recruitment industry, how to manage your employer brand, make full use of social media to communicate with candidates and the latest online recruitment industry thinking - ALL IN ONE DAY!

With guest speakers from Google, Maersk, Direct Line and more providing content on lots of hot topics, here's a round up of the top tweets from the event: 



"Only 5% of the Fortune 500 companies have a mobile optimised career site #onrec




"4 out of 10 job seekers abandon the application process on a mobile if not mobile optimised based on @CareerBuilder stats #onrec"


Lila Dowie


"GREAT speakers @Onrec today. Mobile, millennials, expectations...all opportunities! Thks for having us @DavidHurst @StuGentle. #onrec"


Matt Alder


"1 in 4 YouTube video views takes place on a mobile device #onrec That is a huge amount"


Matt Alder


"88% of people who searched for job in the last year in the UK did so on a mobile device say Google. They should know! #onrec"


Stu Gentle


"98% of candidates use multiple screens sequentially throughout the day to accomplish a task #google #onrec"


Joe Slavin


"@DavidHurst Great #onrec conference yesterday David. Your 9th year was your best and I'm really looking forward to the 10th!"


Thanks to Stuart & David for the invite, Broadbean enjoyed the event! For more information check out #ONREC