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Niche Versus Generalist: Get the Best From Your Job Board Subscriptions

Posted by Megan Stollery

16-May-2016 08:00:00


Job boards are the essential tools recruiters utilise to spread the word of the latest vacancies and hot jobs. With an astonishing number and array of job boards available (Broadbean integrate with over 7,000 individual job boards) it can be time consuming and confusing just deciding where is best to advertise. Deciding whether a niche or generalist job board is right for your vacancies could be one of the most important financial choices you make, getting it right it essential.

The true test of a job board’s worth is the amount of quality applications. Without applications online advertising has little value, but the number and quality of applications you receive depends heavily on your choice of job board. Generalist advertising will yield a much higher number of applications than if you were to advertise on, however if you’re recruiting for a developer a niche job board will probably deliver candidates with a closer match to your specifications than a generalist board would. With most recruitment specialists operating in candidate-driven markets, deciding where to spend your advertising budget and getting the best from your job board subscriptions has never been more important. Through Broadbean's analysis, direct your advertising spend to those channels that deliver the highest quality candidates for your business. Find out more.

Generalist websites have one big advantage: branding. They have a greater reach, better brand recognition, and they employ vast teams of experts to drive forward and deliver their product to a hungry recruitment market. These factors combine to deliver big impact advertising that is trusted by recruiters and candidates. Big boards are safe hands in which to place your adverts. They are the tried and tested option that will deliver candidates, but not always the ones you want.

Niche job boards are more than merely advertising portals for industry-specific vacancies, they are quickly evolving into information hubs for specialists. New generation niche job boards, amongst other things, allow professionals from specific industries to create portfolios that are showcased to potential employers. These type of job boards go beyond the typical function with searchable people-profiles (not just CVs), project showcases and comprehensive salary guides for any industry specialism that can be tracked by location and seniority. You may not find as many vacancies as you would on Monster, but by definition a niche job board is aimed at a very specific audience.

Job board giants such as Reed or Jobsite invest heavily in SEO and advertising, allowing vacancies to appear in search results above those on niche websites, but this is what you would expect. The question you should be asking is “Does the niche you’re considering reach the people you recruit?”

You must appraise how much exposure your adverts will receive - are there a reasonable number of jobs posted on the niche site you’re considering? Is the job board easy to find in search engines? Do the people you recruit already know and visit niche job boards? Answering these questions will help direct you to the best niche providers that will give you the biggest advertising impact. Reddit, LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and specialist communities where your candidates virtually hangout will give you a fantastic insight to the best place to advertise if you struggle researching through usual methods.

Think carefully before committing your precious advertising budget. Research your choices thoroughly - generalist boards will deliver more candidates, but the applications might not be as targeted as you hope. Niche job boards will reach the specialists you want, but do they have the exposure you need to provide the candidates you want? Candidates want to know you’re an expert in your field, make sure your choice in job board reflects your expertise.

Still unsure about where to allocate your recruitment spend? Broadbean can provide you with real-time reports covering a wide range of data including:

  • Which channels return the best candidates for your business.

  • The optimum day and time to post jobs to channels, by sector or industry.

  • Monitor the performance of each recruiting channel.

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