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My 6 Predictions for Recruitment Marketing for 2016 - Lisa Jones

Posted by Megan Stollery

28-Jan-2016 17:21:29


It’s that time of year for predictions becomes a sought after term online as leaders of businesses and department seek to create gorgeous and effective strategic plans for 2016.

Wayne published a blog about his recruitment technology predictions too – thanks Broadbean for posting.

Deloitte sponsor TMT Predictions every year and I am always at the front of the queue waiting to hear what they have to say.

My clients often ask me “what’s the future” – “how can I be innovative?”  They are keen to get some serious traction this year.  The recession feels like a distant memory – recruitment leaders are into investing again.  Social and digital tech has improved (and disrupted) recruitment massively.  Hence predicting what could happen this year could in fact help you avoid car-wreck projects and invest in business-changing processes and systems to get that sought after ROI.

So, here are my 6 predictions for recruitment marketing in 2016.


1. LinkedIn Recruiter Continues to Increase its Footprint, but…

Every client we work with either has the RPS licence or is considering it.  I’ve written about this recently and ROI is not often an expectation.  I predict that this system will not only continue to gain ground, but that more recruitment agencies will use it as an internal attraction tool too.  My feeling is that recruitment leaders will have higher expectations of it to drive their process and bottom line.  Targets will be set for recruiters who are awarded this often vital system.

2. Recruiter Leaders “Get” not just Buy Marketing

ROI in marketing is often seen as a mythological beast.  It’s seen as a necessary box tick in the budget of the average.  I work with marketers every day who have to bully and face plan their bosses and recruiters to get ROI.

The best recruiters out there, I predict, will take time on their marketing and get involved, not simply spend a salary and focus on community sizes and click throughs.  Marketing will become a viable and necessary part of the recruitment sales and attraction process.

3. Marketing Gets Automated and Annoying

I predict that although automated marketing seems to be what many are talking about, it will simply be used by many new adopters in a tactical, as opposed to a strategic, way.  Automating spam is not an effective strategy b- more thought needs to go into this tactic before it becomes an effective recruitment tool.

4. Content will continue to Create Discontent

The goal of many recruiters in 2016 is to improve their brand. We are told that content is the new black for marketing and brand awareness.

The word content will in 2016 will continue to cause glee in many a recruitment marketing department, and will continue to cause blank looks and fear in recruiters.

Lots of talk in 2015 about content got us all in a tizz - and rightly so. And then getting it created, read and generating leads became the problem.

I predict that in 2016 content plans will continue to not quite offer tangible results, even though marketing strategies rely upon this crucial planning aid.  I also predict that leads generated from content will be in the minority.

5. Facebook will continue to be Misunderstood and Mis-used

I’ve written about this a lot and am fed up with on the whole social media not being engaged with effectively.  I predict that Facebook will continue to be an ineffective tool – but it shouldn’t be!

  • Do I think that all recruiters should actively use Facebook? Yes.
  • Do I think that this is a risky strategy? Yes.
  • Should recruiters de-risk this stream and understand how to lock down their profiles, source / research and generate leads from it, which they then take to a place of safety before showing their face? Yes.

… otherwise what a waste of the biggest source of data on the planet!

6. Job Adverts will Continue to Offer Little Value

Although Job Adverts are the most important content recruiters will ever write, there is still a gap between what a recruiter expects from an effective job advert, and the process / time / effort given to this vital part of the process.

Although many recruiters are seeming to engage with usual visuals to promote adverts, on the whole the process and content for job advertising has not really changed enough, and this will continue to create lag and bottle necks in the process in 2016.

 Many more predictions to come.  This is my starter for 6!  What do you think?

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 Lisa is a recruitment, technology and training professional and Director of Barclay Jones, a consultancy working with recruiters - we deliver strategy, consultancy and training on recruitment technology, social media and social recruiting.


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