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Job Board Hate: 4 Reasons It Exists

Posted by The Bean Team

18-Sep-2014 09:00:00


Job boards. The proverbial whipping boy of the HR Industry and HCM in general. HR pros think they’re overpriced, recruiters think they’re an easy way out and candidates either spray and pray with their resume or are overwhelmed by multi-level marketing ads and gimmicky part-time jobs that don’t suit their needs. 

Despite all this, job boards are also perennially popular, and some of the biggest moneymakers in the business. So they must be doing a few things right. As an executive who works with the biggest and best boards in the space, job board hate definitely exists. Sometimes its warranted and sometimes it isn’t. Here are 4 reasons that job board hate exists (and how to combat them):


Job boards cannot be totally automated; no matter which end of the spectrum you’re on. Eventually, human decision-making and desperation does come into play. While technology exists that allows MOST of the process to exist seamlessly and some of the steps to be automated, looking for a job – and finding the right person for an opening, WILL require work. Job boards and career bloggers can combat this by being a touch more honest in their marketing, so people don’t feel they’ve been sold a bill of goods.



  Everyone wants to aggregate and have the MOST openings to search, but it's exhausting for true users.




You can blame the age of the aggregator for this one. Today’s jobs are routed through more ATS and career sites, scrapers and automators, social recruiting tools and more….only to be dumped into a large vat of jobs that may or may not be related. Boolean search parameters and human search patterns are pretty different and thus, aggregation can be like hitting yourself in the face with a two-by-four, only less painful. The answer to this is cleaner data. While it’s true that everyone wants to aggregate and have the very MOST openings to search, it’s exhausting for the true users of the system. That’s why we’ve made it our mission here to clean data, sort it and make easier to view. 


It’s pretty sad actually. When selling something to consumers, businesses head over to the highest priced agency they can find, but when selling a much “higher ticket” item, like a job, the only mad men are the ones wading through the slew of badly worded, oddly specific yet totally vague, completely misleading recruiting advertisements. It’s almost like no one has revised these ads for years. Oh wait… This one is squarely within the companies’ control. While we can make data easier to sort and make it more relevant for those important hiring conversations, we can’t write copy for you. Fortunately, we have resources that can make it dead simple to write a compelling and helpful job advertisement. Imagine that!


Job boards aren’t cheap. They aren’t cheap to run or to post. But as part of a recruiting budget the effectiveness can’t be overstated. Even as referrals jump, social recruiting surges and budgets dwindle – job boards still present a significant bang for your buck, it’s a matter of selecting the correct boards for the right …well, job. It’s a common complaint to knock job board costs, but not always a fair one. An estimated 20-45% of hiring takes place through job boards, which is second to jobs through referrals. Recruiters owe it to themselves to find the correct board for their target market; whether that’s location based, skills specific or easily accessible.


broadbeantwitter-01  An estimated 20-45% of #hiring takes place through #jobboards.


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