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It’s Time to Reimagine Work! - Cornerstone EMEA Convergence 2013

Posted by Megan Stollery

30-Oct-2013 10:20:00

It’s no HR secret that the workplace is going through some transitional changes and this year’s Cornerstone EMEA Convergence sought to reassure technophobes that change is better! Global shifts in new attitudes towards work, the consumerisation of IT and our collective plunge into mobile, social and Cloud technologies have encouraged business leaders to reconsider the best ways to recruit, develop, manage and retain their talent.It’s all do-able with a bit of IMAGINATION!

The annual EMEA conference brought together a mix of clients from different markets to share their insight and experiences regarding talent management, but the event also drove the debate forward on what the workforce of the future will look like.

With guest speakers from Appirio, Elearnity, Hirevue and more providing content on lots of hot topics such as Workplace in 2020, here's a roundup of the top tweets from the event:







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