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Improve Your Candidate and Customer Journey

Posted by Megan Stollery

20-Jan-2016 10:30:00

find_candidates.jpgWe would like to start this piece with a startling fact: A CareerBuilder survey from Autumn 2015 has highlighted that 70% of respondents were full-time employed but open to new opportunities - in a candidate-driven market this is incredibly significant. Furthermore, only 16% of respondents were not open to new job opportunities. 13% were considering a move, 11% were “evaluating opportunities”, 8% were “actively looking.” We know the importance of these stats are already sinking in, now it’s time to do something with them!

You may never have considered it in such terms, but every candidate you speak to is on a recruitment journey. Their journey started with the intention to job hunt; it formulates in their mind - they consider their wants and needs, what their motivations are - mentally weighing-up the pros and cons of a potential job move. 36% of the CareerBuilder respondents are already at the intention stage, or beyond. A candidate’s journey can be simple or complicated, depending on a number of variables. It’s your duty to ensure that every candidate you have contact with has the best journey you can provide.

Once the motivation to change role has sufficiently formed, a candidate’s first instinct is to dive into Google - solid SEO is essential. Is your website beautifully search engine optimised? Do you post all your jobs on your own website? Do they have the right keywords? These are the questions you should be answering yes to, if you want to capture candidates on the first part of their candidate journey. If you’ve succeeded with this first challenge, fantastic!



Now, how does your brand look? Once you have their attention you need to keep it. Employer branding is critical in our modern age. Millennials, in particular, are discerning prospects - study after study have shown that the millennial generation are the most loyal to a brand, when the branding is engaging and relevant. Is yours? Does your branding speak for the quality of service and products you offer? Do you have a brand that attracts? It need not be appealing to everyone, that would be impossible, but you have a niche, a market specialism that sets you apart from the rest. Does your branding reflect this?

Now, a question that few ask; have you applied for one of your jobs recently? How was it? Did you experience a seamless application process? Did you have to complete countless forms in boxes before submitting your CV? Could you tie your LinkedIn profile to the application with the mere click of a button? Candidates want simplicity. The Guardian has reported extensively on this very issue - graduates apply for upwards of 70 vacancies before landing a job, professionals average 15 applications. That’s a lot of form filling, and always the same information. So, we ask again; have you applied for one of your jobs recently? How was it?

So, now you have an optimised website, keyword-rich adverts, branding that would make angels weep, and an application process so simple and efficient you are the envy of the recruitment world. What next? Interviews.

This is a tricky one. Some interviewers like to turn the heat up, others ensure candidates are happy and at ease. How you interview will depend on your needs, the pressure of the job, the environment, the nature of your business. Once size does not fit all, however, you must have in-mind the experience that a candidate will walk away with. If you have perfected the candidate journey to this point, don’t throw away your efforts because the hard-nosed approach is the only one you know. Understand what you want candidates to demonstrate and aim for that.

At every stage of the candidate and customer journey you have been attentive, polite, knowledgeable, efficient with any and all requests, the model recruiter. All that goes without saying, everything else we’ve discussed isn’t always obvious. It helps to get a little advice every now and then and we hope we’ve helped. But if you still have questions about candidate journeys, we have a team of candidate experts and an array of technical solutions that help hundreds of thousands of recruiters to provide the best journey a candidate could dream of.


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