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How 'Refer A Friend' Ready Are You?

Posted by Megan Stollery

17-Aug-2015 18:00:00

Referring a friend for a role at your company may bring some hesitancy; what if they are not good enough? What if they don’t like the role? Will they make me look bad? And how will your friendship change when that mate becomes a colleague, team mate or even your boss? Truth is, catching up over a spreadsheet and a couple of deadlines doesn’t exactly make a bonding sesh does it.

Refer a friend


So if you’re thinking of referring a friend you need to consider the implications. See below for our friend referral checklist:


Do They Suit The Role?

Everyone wants to help a friend in need but when it comes to applying for jobs your doing no one any favours if you put someone forward for a role with the wrong competencies. As a friend, you should be helping your peers steer their careers in the right direction and as an employee it is your responsibility to act in the benefit of the company. Bad hires means bad investment. 



  Think wisely when referring a friend. Their actions and attitude reflect you too.


Will Your Relationship Suffer?

Ok it’s time to whip those rose tinted glasses off and stop day dreaming about lunches in the sun and after work ‘drinkiepoos’ down the local. Working with friends can bring many benefits but it can also bring many complications to your friendship. The everyday pressures of ‘getting the job done’ can cause strains in relationships and sometimes being nice doesn’t exactly get the boss noticing your efforts. It’s an unspoken rule that whatever goes on in work stays in work and generally your colleagues will understand if things get a bit heated but that’s not to say your friend will.



  Be prepared to face uncomfortable situations in the office and make sure they understand work is work.


What's Their Career Goal?

As mentioned above, you really need to putting the right friend forward for a job in order for a win-win outcome. However lets just say you have the perfect friend for the position, you put them forward and they get the job. Hoorah. However six months down the line your friend announces they are leaving to go and work for a competitor. Oh dear. As the friend in this scenario, some of your colleagues and boss even may question whether you knew about their intention to leave after getting their foot in the door and this might paint you in a bad light. Therefore, there’s no harm in checking your friends intentions with the role before putting your name on it.


Still unsure about referring a friend? As long as you have good intentions then there’s really nothing to fear. Some of the best candidates come from simply word of mouth and most referrals go on to stay at their company for years to come. Here at Broadbean we encourage referrals and we’re lucky enough to have a scheme in place which rewards employees for good referral hires. We also help businesses setup their own employee referral scheme using our SocialReferral platform – an automated and seamless workflow to help encourage and motivate employees to write and share about their company on social media.

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