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How to be a Big-Time Player in the Recruitment Field

Posted by Megan Stollery

27-Jul-2016 08:00:00


A disjointed workflow and a lack of strategic planning are two of the biggest problems facing the recruitment industry. If you don't believe us, then let us provide you with one simple example - have you ever sourced a candidate and primed them for your vacancy only to find that when the CV reaches the hiring manager it seems to hit a brick wall?

Excitement leads to frustration that leads to exasperation and eventual disappointment as your perfect candidate is snapped-up by a rival company. This is not a new experience for any recruiter, in-house or agency, but it is no less frustrating when it happens. The answer to this problem, and many others that recruiters face daily, is solid strategy that leads to a seamless recruitment workflow.

With the recent EUFA European Championship having come to an end, there is much that can be learned from the impressive strategies that the plethora of teams presented in France.

A sound strategy and continuous workflow isn't merely about having checks and balances in place to ensure everyone is doing their job; it's about teamwork, and teamwork isn't just about getting it right on the day.  It takes practice, dedication and a bond between the players that allows them to second-guess each other, enabling the team to score. And, just like a football player, no recruiter can work on their own. Even one-man-bands have to operate with the other players in their recruitment projects.

At every stage in the recruitment process each person has their role to play - as a recruiter and expert in the business of recruitment, it is your role to ensure everyone else in the chain knows and understands the importance of their role. Have you explained to the hiring manager why he has to move quickly to secure the person they want? This is just one example of how a recruiter can improve the workflow and start to strategise issues out of the recruitment chain.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every player is vital to success. Is every member of your team working to the best of their abilities in a role that allows them to compliment the recruitment cycle? A good team also requires a good manager who can appreciate the individual skills of each player. Where and when to utilise the team's abilities is a skill on its own and vital to success.

The key to winning is to understand the above and create a strategy so perfect, and a workflow so seamless, it's difficult to know where one stage ends and another begins. To be a big-time player means having a strong management team with set goals and a razor-sharp focus on achieving them. Each player must be used to the fullest of their abilities, utilising their strengths and weaknesses for the benefit of the team. Motivation must be free flowing, but not gushing. It's good practice to tell someone they're doing well when they are, but ignoring a person's weaknesses to spare their feelings does nothing for the team's ability to win.

A winning recruitment team is one that knows where it's going and has an exceptional leader who manages and drives the team's strategy forward, knows where the weak links are and compensates accordingly.

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