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How the Candidate Sourcing Platform Helps Social Recruiters

Posted by Dominic Barton

29-Jul-2015 12:00:00

Social media has widely become a dominant factor in the recruitment world. Recruiters use candidate social profiles to assess potential cultural fit, but it goes much deeper than that. In fact, 73% of recruiters plan to use social media as a way to gain the edge over the competition. As a seasoned recruiting pro, you’ve already begun to use social media to revamp the recruitment department, but there’s a few things you’re missing:




1. You don’t realize how big your talent pool already is.

Social media has the potential to unveil uncharted territory at your disposal. Company social media followers could be job seekers waiting to be recruited. Broadbean’s Candidate Sourcing Platform (CSP) allows social recruiting pros to see the bigger picture and target on a larger scale to attract more qualified candidates.


broadbeantwitter-01 Your talent pool could include the company followers on social media that are just waiting to be recruited.


2. You can track hires from job postings, but not social.

Some companies have a difficult time tracking hires after the recruitment process. With CSP, you can easily track your hires from all sources, including social, automatically. The mechanization of tracking saves recruiters time and energy for more important things. Jessica Palmeri, Community Manager at Hyrell, said:


“You’re already responsible for tracking all applications and related hiring documents for each candidate. By also documenting your social media findings during the screening process, you can provide a solid and consistent record of the type of information that was obtained.”


The Candidate Sourcing Platform takes this tracking out of the hands of recruiters and simply provides the results without spending the time to gather the data.


3. There are so many tools, each with their own login procedures.

Multiplatform social media use is on the rise; whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, your ideal candidates probably have more than one frequented social site. Currently, 52% of online adults use multiple social media sites, Facebook acting as a home base. CSP makes social recruiting as easy as, well, socializing. The platform connects each of the department’s outward facing recruitment tools and brings the data into one, easy to read dashboard.


broadbeantwitter-01 Ready to make sourcing as easy as socializing? Find out how:


4. You lose resources.

Without a system to measure the effectiveness of your social recruitment efforts, which social platforms you get the most qualified talent from, it’s easy to slip and fall into a black hole of lost time and wasted money. With a tool like CSP, however, you can visualize where your most qualified talent comes from so you can invest more time and energy into that particular platform.


5. Fill positions faster by attracting candidates who are already interested.

With a robust employer brand, the organization’s social platforms are probably already filled with status updates and tweets to keep followers engaged. But do you know how many of those followers could be potential candidates? With CSP, you can target those specific job seekers who have already shown an interest in working for your organization to cut the time it takes to fill a position. Rocco Sannelli (@RoccoSannelli), Director of Marketing at 1-Page, said:


Social media recruiting doesn’t follow the rules of the old standard job posting: publishing a job ad and waiting for the inbound of resumes won’t work here. In this new environment, the best approach is to constantly work on building relationships that you can rely on when it’s time to hire, accessing a pipeline of candidates that already showed interest in working for you, or access trusted influencers that can help you connect to the right people.” 


You’re well aware of the benefits of recruiting through social media, it’s your favorite method of attracting qualified candidates. As with any trade, there’s always room for growth to become better. The Candidate Sourcing Platform from Broadbean is the tool that will help you to be a better social recruiting pro through illuminating hidden talent pools and maintaining a good grasp on using resources wisely. Are you ready to take social recruiting to the next level? Our Candidate Sourcing Platform can take you there.


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