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How SMBs Are Using Twitter in 2014

Posted by Megan Stollery

28-Apr-2014 09:46:59



1) 51% of SMBs use Twitter daily.

2) 73% of people said they feel more confident in an SMB after following them and reading some of their Tweets.

3) 57% of people have discovered a new SMB on Twitter.

4) The top way people found a new SMB is in the "Who to Follow" recommendations on the left, followed by a friend tweeting about the SMB.

5) 32% of people found a new SMB from a promoted tweet from the SMB.

6) 40% of people who follow SMBs do so because they want to learn about new products.

7) 2/3 of people have retweeted a tweet from an SMB.

8) 81% of people who follow an SMB are more likely to take an action after seeing something on Twitter than any other marketing channel -- including visiting their website, getting an email, and getting direct mail.

9) 9 out of 10 people have engaged in a conversion with or about an SMB on Twitter.

10) 76% of people have tweeted directly to an SMB.

11) 90% of those who got a reply from an SMB felt better about the company.

12) Of the people who notice promoted accounts on Twitter, 2 out of 3 started following an SMB because of it.

13) 48% of people who have noticed a promoted tweet have clicked through the link in the tweet. (23% end up purchasing something!)

14) 85% of followers feel more connected to an SMB after following them.

15) The most common reason someone tweets at an SMB is to share a positive experience they had.

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*SMBs - Small-Medium Businesses

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