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How important is human interaction in the recruitment process?

Posted by Kazz Kumar

19-Sep-2013 15:57:00





Following on from my 'Because the Candidate Experience is like dating… Right?' post, I wanted to pose another question which I heard debated at #TruLondon & #TalentNet Live on the 5 & 6 September… How important is human interaction in the recruitment process?


“Technology cannot compensate for interaction that should be done by humans” – Craig Fisher, Founder of #TalentNet Live


So, how can you make the recruitment process more human, whilst maintaining the efficiencies created by using technology?


It could be as simple as picking up the phone to personally thank a candidate for applying for a role instead of sending an email. Some organisations have welcomed video interviewing into their recruitment process, providing face-to-face interaction from the start.


Staying in touch with the candidates in your talent pool, including the ones that were unsuitable for previous roles, can be a simple but effective process to adopt too. You can keep in touch by sending an email or calling them to let them know about new vacancies as and when they come up through tagging or skilling their cv automatically.


And the reasons why you would want to? You will ultimately improve the candidate experience and consequently improve the image of your employer brand.


Here are some more tips to make your recruitment process more human:


  • Encourage employees to update their social networking profiles – to include information about their job and how much they love working at your company (this will help to boost your brand and show   that people are happy to work for you!)

  • Apply for a job at your own company. How long did it take? Was it tedious? Make notes and make changes to make the experience better.

  • How are the candidates being informed about the status of their application? Monitor how they are being contacted and make sure that they are not put off working for your company in the future.

  • Incorporate human interactivity. Don’t leave it to technology to take the candidate to interview stage. Give them a call after you send an interview request maybe

  • Shorten forms - forms are boring! If they are long, you will see a large drop off rate and you will tarnish the impression that potential candidate has of your business


If you have any more tips for improving candidate experience, let us know!


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