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Five Tips from the World’s Most Valuable Company

Posted by Megan Stollery

31-Aug-2016 11:50:00


Google, the brand so big and powerful that their name is a verb! Born from the chance meeting of two students; one about to start at Stanford and the other assigned to show him around. Google started life as a search engine called “BackRub” and quickly transformed into the behemoth we know today. Google branding has transformed our lives with four colours and five letters, but what can we learn from Google to improve your branding efforts and make you a little more like the search giant?

Tell a Tale

The biggest secret to Google-esque branding is universally accepted - their ability to tell a story. How? Stage one: know what you want to say. Stage two: say it with meaning. Stage three: add emotion. It’s the emotional connection that Google invoke that makes them such big winners in the branding world and, no doubt, one of the reasons their name has become a verb (more of that below). People love stories and connect with them many times more than a piece of “vanilla” content that informs without engaging.

"It’s the emotional connection that Google invoke that makes them such big winners in the branding world" broadbeantwitter-01.png

Don’t Be Obvious

Google never try the hard-sell. There isn’t an obvious sales pitch with their product marketing, they just let you see the latest toy, tell you how it will change your life and then let you do your thing (which, undoubtedly, is to buy more Google-based products). By using advertising to communicate the feelings that a Google product will bring to you, they have you hooked before you even know what it is that’s being sold. And this is where Google’s candidate attraction wins big. Everything Google does screams of the culture they’ve worked hard to develop and it’s this culture that attracts job seekers in droves. Before people work for Google they already feel engaged with the brand.

"Before people work for Google they already feel engaged with the brand."  broadbeantwitter-01.png


Getting your website listed on directories such as Yelp, Freeindex, and Thomson Local, will provide extra links to your website that are indexed and properly ranked in search results.  Furthermore, involving your company in online communities with sites such as LinkedIn (LinkedIn groups) will give you the opportunity to post links to specific content on your site that can be easily shared and ranked in search results.

Be Search-Ready

As Google’s CEO said in 2008, “Brands are how you sort out the cesspool. Brand affinity is clearly hard-wired. It is so fundamental to human existence that it’s not going away. It must have a genetic component.” Making your brand visible and aligned across your website, social media channels, email campaigns and every other digital medium you utilise will ramp-up your search engine optimisation, make your brand more Google friendly and more appealing to potential employees.

“Brands are how you sort out the cesspool." broadbeantwitter-01.png


Lastly, and most importantly, “verbify” your brand! Without a doubt the hardest, but most important, accolade to achieve with your branding, is to turn your company name into a verb. One might FaceTime or Skype, but one never Facebooks. To be honest, this is not something you achieve on your own. When a brand reaches such levels of market integration and saturation, and the service provided is so unique or so loved by the public, the brand names will transform into a verb. No one has been able to pinpoint the reason that this phenomenon happens, but when it does the brand exposure and name recognition go through the roof. How can you “verbify” your recruitment business?

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