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Candidates Are Online, But Not For Long...

Posted by Ramat Tejani

29-Jul-2015 10:32:27

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Article by CV Library 

The average vacancy is open for four weeks before it is filled with a new employee. That’s at least one whole month of searching for the ideal candidate, which is a search that takes place almost entirely online. Are you sure the right candidates are online waiting to be found? According to recent research from CV-Library, job hunters are actively online but they’re not waiting around for you to find them.   


The data reveals that 49.9% of candidates use the internet as their first step in beginning a job search, making it clear that job hunters are looking for their next career move online. However, they’re not passively waiting around for you to find them – they’re moving fast! The same survey proved that 89.6% of job board users are signed up for job alerts so they can respond as quickly as possible to new vacancies, meaning if your job goes live on Week 1 and you don’t begin evaluating applications until Week 3, you’ve missed a big group of qualified and proactive candidates.


What’s more, the majority of job hunters are searching and applying on-the-go with 55.5% of people using a job hunting app. Mobile activity gives candidates instant and constant access to their job search and they expect the same responsiveness from employers. So if it takes you four weeks to fill your vacancy, are you keeping up with today’s connected and fast-moving candidates.


Keeping up with candidate applications rates often means taking a close look at your processes and strategies to ensure the business can adapt. While this is a big undertaking, there are some simple steps you can take in the meantime to ensure you’re meeting candidate needs:


  • Don’t make an in-person meeting a requirement – 46.5% of candidates prefer an initial in-person meeting but 51.2% would rather it be via phone or email
  • Find out how the candidate wants you to maintain contact – email is the leader (52.7%) with phone coming in close second (43%)


  • Ensure your company profile is complete and readily available – 82.4% of candidates would be more interested in a job role if they had access to a good amount of company information
  • Craft your job posting, don’t just write it – poorly-worded and thoughtless job adverts put off a massive 71.9% of candidates

Find out more about CV Library by visiting their site at http://www.cv-library.co.uk/


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