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Build a Candidate Experience to be Proud of

Posted by Megan Stollery

11-Apr-2016 08:00:00


There are few industries or market verticals, currently, where the candidate is not king (or queen). And candidates are discerning individuals, often looking to make a hugely important career change that will affect them (and maybe their family too), so they want to ensure they’re making the best move. And in a candidate-driven market the opportunities that present themselves to job hunters are broader than at any time for over a decade. The competition for talent is fierce and the job-hunting population can be fickle. The slightest hiccough can ruin how one views a potential employer, quickly driving people and their talent into the arms of your competitors.

You don’t have to treat every candidate like royalty, but you must recognise that the contemporary job hunter is not only looking for a step up the career ladder or a life-changing career move, they want an experience that will turn them on to your organisation. In-house recruiters have the benefit of representing one organisation, the direct employer. Agency recruiters have the duty of representing firstly themselves, and secondly, their end client - double the effort, but the rewards speak for themselves.

Time Matters

Time is your enemy. If you’ve worked in recruitment for more than a month, you will have heard the adage “time kills deals”. Delays at any stage of the recruitment cycle can quickly turn-off even the most bought-in candidates. You may have nursed a shortlist of perfect people through comprehensive testing and interviewing, but delaying decisions can be risky business. Streamline every element of your recruitment process and most importantly, make sure the decision makers are aware of the time sensitive nature of recruitment.

Every Interaction Counts

From the advert you craft to the presentation of the all-important job offer (and everything in between), every interaction is vital to providing a candidate experience to be proud of. Be courteous at all times, by phone, email, or in person. This may sound obvious, but a poorly worded email (innocent as a mistake may be) can create the wrong impression when only the best intentions were meant. If you’re not sure about the tone or content of anything you are sending to candidates, ask a colleague to check to before hitting the send button. Find out how Broadbean can help you to post job adverts effectively and efficiently.

Let Your Expertise Shine

Too many recruiters (and this is feedback directly from job seekers) only comprehend the checklist of requirements provided by hiring managers without ever understanding why X skill or Y experience is necessary. You have worked for years (unless you’re at the start of recruitment career) to understand the market you operate in, learning the technicalities, the terminology and so much more - let it all shine through as part of the candidate experience you offer - you will be taken more seriously above your competitors and you will offer a service that instills confidence in your ability as a recruiter.

Brand Message

Let’s be frank, branding is essential. It helps establish your identity, enabling instant recognition and association with your service and expertise. Branding encourages confidence and provides your company with a unique personality, especially in a busy recruitment market. Branding identifies your company’s values and culture and builds trust with potential candidates, providing a positive association for candidates.

It is naive to think that your job is the only vacancy a candidate is interested in. They may tell you so, but always be aware that your competitors could already be speaking to the person you’re about to place, and if they offer a better candidate experience, the impression they are leaving could swing their decision away from you.

The candidate experience is more than merely taking them from one stage to the next in your recruitment life cycle, it’s about keeping them engaged, interested and switched-on to your organisation and opportunity, at all times.

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