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Broadbean Social Media – Twitter

Posted by Kazz Kumar

25-Feb-2013 05:07:42

With approximately 55 million “Tweets” sent per day, Twitter has fast become one of the leading Social Networking tools used by everyone from film stars and musicians to corporate businesses and even world leaders.

Famous for its popular “Hash Tags”, Twitter allows users to categorize their messages so that users can find exactly what it is they are looking for.

Over the past couple of years, Twitter has been utilised by the recruitment industry as a way of drawing in candidates for their vacancies without paying for yearly subscriptions/credits with Job Boards.

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As a free site to use which is very simple to join and customise, Twitter can greatly enhance your business and produce a great return on investment so, if you are not already, you should be using Broadbean to post your adverts to Twitter. Click here to access the twitter set up guide.

For those of you who are already posting your adverts to Twitter using Broadbean, good job! but did you know..

…Recruiters can use specific Hash Tags to ensure that their jobs can be found more easily by candidates?

Posting jobs with relevant hash tags will ensure that any job seeker, looking on Twitter for employment opportunities, will be able to find and apply for your jobs more easily.

Here is a list of Hash tags that you might consider using when posting adverts to give your advert more coverage:



#industyjobs  (e.g. salesjobs , mediajobs)







Written by Richard Harris, Broadbean UK