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Bit of an upset? More of a battle as we discuss 'The Future of Work'

Posted by Kazz Kumar

03-May-2013 10:17:00

As the next round of unsuspecting juveniles join the global workforce; to work locally with the latest technology (often their own kit), collaborating with talented girls and boys in various locations around the world, I wonder what their concerns about the ‘Future of Work’ really are?

This and many more questions were posed to a group of interested attendees at the #TruAmsterdam Battle edition. As I sat with my lovely sparring partner, @MervynDinnen of Jobsite fame, we decided that the battle shouldn’t be between us, but that ‘The Future of Work’ is actually a battle that all recruiters and employers will face soon enough, and so they should really be the main contributors to the track.

So we began our discussion with an outline of what The Future of Work means and the areas it involves – basically its work (Jim), but not as we know it…

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*Globalisation: The New World of Business – an age of globalisation means companies can now leverage expertise anywhere and everywhere it lives.

*Virtualisation: The New Way to Work – virtualized models of collaboration are enabling real-time teamwork among project members regardless of time or place.

*Technology & Data: The New Technology – the big data, mobility, social tools and predictive analytics are creating transformative new business processes.

*Millenials: The New Worker – the millennial mindset is revamping everything from communication to innovation both inside and outside the organisation.

The four key trends above came from Congnizant, a consultancy who are a real driving force with masses of information and data on this interesting and important topic.

As we reviewed each of the trends and striped them down to basics, we asked a number of thought provoking questions of ourselves and of society as a whole – it really was a very deep track

I’m aiming to follow this blog with a few of the questions and the dialogue that followed. If you’re interested in hearing more, let me know and I’ll steer my blog in the most enlightening directions.

An end note wouldbe that this discussion about the Future of Work should continue as it started – it’s not each other we should battle with, but collaborate, share and confer.

By Clair Bush, marketing director @BroadbeanEMEA, follow me @ClairBush

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