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Travelling Techie... part 1 of a quite long adventure, by Pete Harrison

Posted by Kazz Kumar

04-Jun-2013 14:37:00

DSC 0958 Pete Harrison, Broadbean Techie travels to the US on first stage of his world adventure

One of the advantages of working for Broadbean is that it offers many opportunities. I started working here 9 years ago this month, and we were just a very small team of 4. In the early days I used to write feed integrations to job boards, provide support to our clients, and once or twice I even tried to sell AdCourier to recruiters who were cold calling me! But now I'm very much a techie and have seen our products grow massively during this time. I have also seen us grow from a small team of 4, sharing a tiny office to us having three offices around the world and a team of over 100 people.

One of the other advantages is that with the technical work I do, I am able to do it anywhere in the world. So, once again I have packed my suitcase and said goodbye to London for 6 weeks and have started to visit the other offices, with a special trip in the middle.

For the last two weeks I have been in our LA office (well, Newport Beach to be precise). I visited here for the first time 12 months ago, so it was good to come back. There were a number of familiar faces from my last visit and a number of new faces too. The first big thing was some decent weather! After a long winter in London, to come to temperatures in the low 20s (Celsius) with plenty of sunshine, it has been bliss. Then again, I did stop off to Austin, Texas along the way to watch the Aussie V8 supercars racing around the Circuit of The Americas, where the temperatures were in the mid to high 30s (Bliss!).

The US office was founded by our English CEO, Kelly Robinson and he's also migrated a couple of colleagues out to join him. It was good to see those who came from the UK office again. Although for the first week Luke Hopkins happened to be in the UK so I ended up sitting in his seat and got involved on a couple of local projects! So in some ways it was very handy that I happened to be there as there was still a "go-to" person (see i have my uses!). On the second week I commandeered an office, but I was still able to work with the team.

It hasn't all been work and no play! The Technical team has been out bonding over a drink or two on a few nights and I've been out with Jon Pierce a few times taking in some American past times. I've also been fortunate enough to stay with Kelly & Wendy Robsinson and their boys, so I've been asked to use my photography skills for some of the boys local football (soccer (over here)) tournaments.

DSC 0031 Kelly Robinson coaches Little League[/caption]
Before too soon, my two weeks in the US office have come to an end. I don't know when I'll visit this office again, but I know when I do I'll get the same warm reception.

The next stop is the Cook Islands, where I'll be celebrating Lee Anne Davey (from the Sydney office) getting married to Charlie Whitaker. Claire Palmer is also travelling from the UK office, and we'll be heading to the Sydney office the following week.

So look out for the next blog, which will come from the land Down Under!