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4 Simple Ways to Get Better Referrals

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

10-Jul-2015 09:00:00

It's no surprise that referrals are regularly seen a main source of quality hires. They have a connection with the hiring business, know people who work there or have worked there, and probably...

5 Ways Job Seeking is Changing

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

23-Jun-2015 14:44:00



The way we go about looking for new jobs is changing. In reality it has been evolving for many years as jobseekers adopt new technologies and use them in different ways to find their next job....

HIT or a MISS? 7 Recruitment Predictions for 2015

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

29-Jan-2015 10:00:00

Each January sees a raft of predictions for the business year ahead, and the recruitment and HR sectors are no strangers to this phenomenon. General shifts in behaviours, expectations and...

Recruiting: Where HR Meets Marketing

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

23-Dec-2014 09:00:00

Should HR be more like marketing? Think more like marketing? Report to marketing? These are recurring questions and themes about which a lot of practitioners, commentators and bloggers around both...

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Internal vs External Recruiting - Which Side Are You On?

Posted by Mervyn Dinnen

17-Nov-2014 09:00:00

As recruiters we spend a lot of time on talent attraction, looking at ways we can encourage the best and the brightest to come and work for us. Each new role has a hiring manager brief and we...

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