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A Futuristic Outlook on Big Data Personalization

Posted by Dominic Barton

10-Sep-2015 12:30:00

Right now, big data is all about catering to the needs of customers by providing personalized content. The algorithms behind these recommendation engines can be a bit hard to understand if you’re...

Topics: Big Data, hiring

How Employee Referral-Driven Recruiting Yields Better Results

Posted by Dominic Barton

03-Sep-2015 12:30:00

Want to give your recruiting a boost? Then look to the desk nearest to you. If you work at a company filled with talented people, it’s likely that many of your employees would have someone in mind...

Topics: trends, Internal Mobility

Why Big Data for Small Business is Underrated

Posted by Dominic Barton

01-Sep-2015 12:30:00

Using data to improve your business is still a fairly new development in hiring. This means that many companies are still figuring out how to properly implement data in order to maximize its...

Topics: Big Data, HR Data

How Big Data Affects the Evolution of Assessments

Posted by Dominic Barton

19-Aug-2015 12:00:00

Big data is here, and it’s going to affect just about every aspect of business. It makes hiring better, it makes jobs easier to browse, and companies can use it to find ways to better just about...

Topics: Big Data

Everything You Need to Know About Data-Driven Professional Development

Posted by Dominic Barton

17-Aug-2015 12:00:00

There’s been a lot of talk around the concept of “Data-driven Professional Development” recently. You might have heard about how it’s used by schools to make teaching easier and more effective....

Topics: Professional Development