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Why Your Company History Should be Expressed in Your Employer Brand

Posted by Alistair Neal

08-Sep-2015 12:30:00

Employer branding can mean a lot of things. The way you sell your jobs to candidates is often determined by what you can do for candidates right now: your compensation, your benefits, etc. But ...

Topics: Talent Attraction, Employer Brand

Consult Talent Analytics Before Making Big Business Decisions

Posted by Alistair Neal

16-Apr-2015 13:00:00

Companies have long used big data to make more educated and precise business decisions. Recently, as we and many others have told you, data analytics has a large impact in the way organizations...

Topics: Talent Analytics

Passive Pipelining: Maintaining Positive Recruitment Practices

Posted by Alistair Neal

14-Apr-2015 13:00:00

Pipelining is a popular trend in today’s recruiting market. Many large organizations have positions to fill on a regular basis, so a pool - rather pipeline - of candidates readily available makes...

Topics: Passive Recruiting

Need to Make a Fast Hire? Here’s How:

Posted by Alistair Neal

30-Mar-2015 13:00:00

The time it takes to fill a position now takes longer than it has in 14 years. Companies who employ more than 5,000 workers take, on average, 58.1 days to hire a new employee. That’s anything but...

Topics: hiring, Recruiting

Employees + Referrals = Better ROI

Posted by Alistair Neal

23-Feb-2015 14:00:00


Topics: Employee Referrals, Employee Referral Programs