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How to Attract the Emerging Workforce with Job Postings – Sincerely, a Millennial

Posted by Nikki Floyd

27-Oct-2014 14:00:00



CareerBuilder research revealed only 22% of Millennial workers strongly agree that they are satisfied in their careers. broadbeantwitter-01 Their research also highlighted that the average length of time Millennials stay in a job is about three years. As this emerging workforce floods the job market, employers are scrambling to understand what attracts and retains Millennial workers, known for our job-hopping ways.


broadbeantwitter-01 The average length of time Millennials stay in a job is about 3 years.


Millennials are projected to make up 46% of the total workforce by 2020, which is exactly why employers need to come up with an attraction strategy for Millennials. Job postings are a huge part of that – how they’re crafted, where they’re posted and how they are received. Whether you’re tweaking or creating, your Millennial attraction strategy needs to include the following:


If You Need to Reach Me, I’ll Be On My Cell

Our own job seeker demographic data reveals that the largest segment of job seekers, at 34%, are ages 18-29. In this Millennial segment, 87% of them say their phone never leaves their side, and 78% report spending more than 2 hours each day using their smartphone, according to research conducted by Zogby and commissioned by Mitek Systems. 

We’re not just shopping and Tweeting either, Glassdoor research revealed that 30% of Millennials use a mobile device daily to search for jobs, and more than 25% of their own traffic comes from job seekers on their mobile devices.


broadbeantwitter-01  30% of Millennials use a mobile device to search for jobs. 


The answer seems pretty straightforward right? If you want to reach Millennials with your job listings, you need to upgrade for mobile optimization. However, as Kelly highlighted in the latest Trend Analysis Report, there is a serious disconnect between what job seekers are demanding, and what employers are offering. Our data proves the sad state of mobile offerings among employers:


  • 37% of employers don’t plan to update the candidate mobile experience.
  • 32% of employers haven’t made the decision, or they aren’t sure.


The ability to promote your culture and brand where Millennials are actually looking, and effectively reach them on channels that are relevant to them, is and will continue to be the differentiator between organizations that are successfully attracting Millennials, and those who are struggling to fill desks. 


Fax #: 1-800-Get-Real

Research conducted by social-influence marketing platform Crowdtap, revealed that individuals ages 18-36 spend an average of 17.8 hours per day on different types of media. 71% say that they engage in social media daily. Again, a recruiter’s job is to effectively reach candidates on channels that are relevant to them, and social media is definitely a relevant channel for Millennials.

If that weren’t convincing enough, 64% of Millennials will ask about social media policies during an interview, and 24% say it would be a key factor in accepting the offer. broadbeantwitter-01 Get it?

Broadbean has a social job posting tool for recruiters who get itBroadbeanSocial enables recruiters to post jobs to Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, you can easily create a branded job board app, which displays jobs and allows candidates to apply, share, recommend, or like; effortlessly expanding your social reach. On Twitter, our system converts job postings to optimized job tweets with hashtags to make those jobs more searchable. Virtually all of the tough stuff is done for you.


Show Me the Culture

We won’t settle for bland, we’re looking for BRAND. Millennials aren’t looking for a faceless, cultureless organization to clock in and out of. They need to know what they’re getting into, because they’re looking for some very specific things. Intelligence Group studies on Millennial job seekers by Gutfreund highlighted those preferences:


  • 64% of them say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place.
  • 72% would like to be their own boss.
  • But if they do have to work for a boss, 79% of them would want that boss to serve more as a coach or mentor.
  • 88% prefer a collaborative work-culture rather than a competitive one.
  • 74% want flexible work schedules.
  • 88% want “work-life integration,” which isn’t the same as work-life balance, since work and life now blend together inextricably


Job listings must be infused with the company culture and established expectations. Remember, these are promises to your candidates. Going back to the intro, Millennials have a shorter average tenure than the rest of the workforce; they won’t put up with broken promises. Basically, you have to walk the walk with us.

Although I’ve only mentioned three factors that will optimize job postings to attract the Millennial workforce segment, each of these is a bit of a bear to tackle without the right tools and direction. Broadbean offers a suite of job posting tools to help recruiters with the creation, automation and optimization of every job listing.

Want more? We have all the data, tools and tips you need to reach the emerging workforce with your voice.

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