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Are your social channels hurting your candidates?

Posted by Megan Stollery

27-Jun-2017 12:04:43

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‘Hurting candidates’ may sound dramatic, but having recently undertaken a social media audit of our own business, I was reminded of a role I applied for a few years ago.  The organisation had approached me directly through LinkedIn with a role they’d had some trouble filling but thought my skillset was well suited to.  They told me the name of the organisation and asked me to go away and do a little more research then come back to them.  I remember the first time I went on the website, and was immediately confused about what the company did, let alone their employer brand or company culture.  I know, I thought, I’ll have a look on social media, surely an organisation of that size in this day and age will have got that right.  Nothing, no insight at all into the company culture and therefore no way for me to assess whether I wanted to invest time in going to interview.  So I decided not to, and that was that. 

That was the first time it really struck me from an end user point of view how important marketing is when it comes to candidates.  So I’ve identified three social media changes I think you can do today to guard against this. 

  1. Instagram

I firmly believe Instagram is one of the most powerful tools organisations have when conveying their employer brand to new candidates.  I’ve seen so many brands perceived as ‘dull’ transform their image using Instagram, because it allows, nay, encourages more personality than other traditional platforms.  You HAVE to really carefully consider your objectives for having a presence on there, but once that’s clear, it provides a fantastic platform to display employer brand and company culture.

  1. Facebook reviews

In the same way you would carefully consider feedback on Glassdoor when it comes to assessing what a company is like to work for, for me, I’m always just as interested in what the organisation’s clients have to say.  Not particularly in the guise of case studies and testimonials, but what they say on Facebook reviews, which I tend to think are bit more honest and less ‘marketing’ honed.   When considering whether I want to work for an organisation, the opinion of their customers is important to me to make a balanced judgement. 

  1. Create short videos

If the organisation I was thinking about applying to had even two or three short videos up on their Facebook or Instagram page I think that could have swayed my decision to take the interview.  It doesn’t need to be beautifully edited, it just needs to capture a moment in the employees day to day.  Shoot it on an iPhone and upload it to social in the same way you would on your personal accounts.  It could just be a ‘guided tour’ of the office, a short slide show of pictures, or a snippet of conversation between employees.  Video is highly engaging and allows you to land an employer brand message really quickly.  


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