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Are you stuck in a recruitment rut? Think carefully…you may not even realise it.

Posted by Dominic De Souza

19-Jul-2017 11:28:53

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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein


Insanity might be quite a strong word to use when referring to recruitment but it comes close to the truth sometimes.

Time after time organisations look to recruit from the same sources and expect a different calibre of hire.  In-house recruitment or HR teams advertise on the same job boards and expect to find candidates with increasingly varied skill sets and when asked about innovative employee referral schemes I am all too often met with blank faces.

These common challenges can be encapsulated into one single phrase that I hear time and time again – “But that is how we always do it!”  It is this phrase that is the enemy of change and the biggest hurdle to making a genuine difference to the results of hiring.

One of the fundamental ways that a recruiter can effect change within the organisation they are hiring for is through the quality of the hires they make.  Whatever the measure of quality, be it length of service, career progression, show stopping project, the better the quality of hire in the first round of recruitment is hugely beneficial to the organisation and increases the credibility of the recruitment function.  There are obvious bottom line benefits to making the right hire first time.  But the wider effects are sometimes immeasurable.

I see real game changing success coming from those recruiters who whole heartedly embrace new developments in technology and approaches.  They know where they’re trying to get to, and through careful evaluation and thorough implementation of the various tools and technologies on offer in the market, they succeed.   It might take the form of more thorough analysis of job board ROI, more dynamic and consistent use of social media to build employer brand or the implementation of innovative referral programmes.  The organisations that adopt available technology and use data available to them will make better decisions and better quality hires.

These are the places that the best quality talent will end up working.

How can you make that talent chose your organisation?

If you’d like to utilise technology more effectively and improve the quality of your hires contact me for a informal chat and I’ll help you identify gaps for improvement.

Dominic De Souza, Corporate and Partnership Development



Topics: Social Recruitment , Recruitment Strategy