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7 Crucial Steps in Developing Your Social Recruiting Strategy

Posted by Megan Stollery

31-Jan-2014 14:55:01


Social recruiting has become a top priority for nearly every talent management professional—and for very good reason. Just a few years ago, building online relationships with top talent was considered a competitive advantage—a recruiting differentiator—against other digitally savvy companies. Today, it is more often considered a necessary business requirement for effectively acquiring “impact players” — people that possess high-demand talents that are in low-supply in highly skilled industries such as technology, chemical engineering, and health care.

So, what are the necessary steps in developing your social recruiting strategy?

1. At the core of a successful social recruiting initiative is a clear and focused strategic plan. How will social media enable you to achieve more impactful efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to recruiting? What will drive the most impact for your talent acquisition efforts? To achieve the most measurable outcomes, you will want to start with yoshutterstock_120643684ur goals – what success looks like to you – in mind.

2. It is important to ensure that appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media are clearly articulated and shared with employees of all levels. A strategic business plan considers the strategic uncertainties associated with it, and the same is true of your social media strategy. With the right policies and guidelines, and with strong training programs, organizations can gain tremendous benefit from online engagement.

3. A comprehensive social recruiting strategy includes the creation of a robust content strategy. The content that you create should be determined by the goals and objectives that you’ve set for your social recruiting efforts. To develop content that is relevant and socially friendly, make sure that you know your audience, know where they hang out; also know your recruiting brand and your recruiting voice.

4. Embrace mobile as part of your social recruiting strategy. shutterstock_115185322Mobile technology has profoundly changed the way businesses interact with stakeholders, customers, employees, and now job seekers.  Mobile is your opportunity to leverage marketing techniques, to create interactions, and to find those you may want to take to the next level.

5. Create a meaningful candidate experience. Everything about the recruiting process can add to or subtract from how candidates experience the company – the company’s products and brand, the technology, the employees, and the recruiting team. Even when candidates don’t get the job they were seeking, you want them to feel that their experience is worth a positive post on their Facebook page.

6. Transform employees into recruiters. Leverage your employees’ social networks to actively connect with and engage pools of talent, and to recruit on the company’s behalf.

shutterstock_1310300937. Measure what matters. The trick for talent professionals is to have good techniques for filtering and processing the vast amounts of available information, and to understand and leverage it for planning, campaign optimization, resource allocation, and program outcomes.

SOURCE: astd.org

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