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6 Not So Secret Tips for Recruitment Agency Branding Success

Posted by Ramat Tejani

29-Jun-2015 08:45:00



There’s something comforting about knowing you have a good brand and you market well to your target audience – especially if you can see the benefit of this through the number of candidates and clients. So why does marketing even matter in recruitment? It matters because without it none of your stakeholders really know who you are and what difference you could make to them.

In comparing marketing strategies, there’s nothing worse that realizing that the competition has actually got it right and you haven’t quite hit the mark. That is the precise reason why we’ve come up with a list of things to take into consideration when marketing your recruitment agency. Be warned: Some of these tips are may seem glaringly obvious, but it doesn’t mean everyone is implementing them.   


1) Ensure the brand is embraced internally

Everything you do, inside and out should be around your brand and you can’t be the only one showcasing this. Everyone and anyone that represent the company need to embrace this fact. You brand has an identity and your employees need to know what that is first and foremost before you start to tell the world about it.


2) Blog

So you are an expert in your field of recruitment are you? Who gave you that title or was it self-imposed? If it was the latter you need to find a way to prove that you are an expert and blogging about your subject matter is a great way to do that. New blog content will also help your website rankings as the little Google bots checking your site recognize new content. When thinking about blog content, think about what sort of questions your target consumer would like the answers to and start providing those answers. Fuel Recruitment for instance sprecialise in IT, Consulting, Telecoms, Broadcast and Engineering recruitment and their blog focuses mainly on these area which although niche captures the audience they are interested in helping.


3) Use social

Amplify the message that you know what you are talking about and understand the importance of sharing information with others. Social media platforms allow you to do this. One of the benefits of social media is that the main ones you need to be focusing your efforts on, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to use. However it must be kept in mind that maintaining a social media program can become time consuming if not done properly.


4) Newsletters

If over the years you have managed to build a database of email address, what is stopping you from send them updates on the business and the industry once in a while? A newsletter is the best way to do this, especially as you usually already have a relationship with the email recipient. And if there is too much variety in the recipient create email list and send more tailored messages and updates.


5) Embrace Industry Influencers

Reach out to industry influencers who have already built up a reputation for their knowledge around a particular topic. Theses individuals with time can become strong brand advocates for your brand.


6) Be visible offline

Attend events and be seen to be taking an interest in the industries you claim to be an expert in. If there aren’t any relevant events think about hosting an event that


These are just some of the things that can assist you in getting your message out there and to the write people. Make sure you have an actual marketing strategy to help guide you with the deployment of any of the above to help avoid wasting resources on duplicated effort. Now go ahead and spread the word about how great you are.

And… For more more helpful hints and tips download for free ‘Marketing for Recruitment Agencies’.


Do you have any other tips you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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