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5 Ways to Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Posted by Clair Bush

13-Sep-2013 11:37:00



We are all guilty of over complicating things. Or worse still, living with processes without really understanding why we’re doing it. Surely in this age, we should be doing things faster, easier and more directly?
We’d like to set you a challenge to streamline your processes, to make your recruitment strategy more efficient and effective in 5 steps…

1. Ask yourself ‘what’s my objective?’ 

What do you want to achieve in your recruitment process? Is it to make a placement or simply to increase your employer brand awareness? Where are your candidates and how are you going to engage with them? Or is it simply that you want to connect with a larger audience? Once you know what the end goal is, it’s easier to formulate the path to success.

2. Cut out the chase

Look at all of the elements of the process that you currently use and ask yourself if they are relevant and help you to achieve your objective. You need a simple but effective blueprint to work from, where every step and action, or technology adds value and takes you closer to your end goal.

3. Practice make perfect

Once you’ve identified where you’re going and the parts of the process that were holding you back, then you need to test your revised process – from start to finish. Better still, let others test it too. Is it efficient? Does it work without stalling and can you replicate across the business? Answer all of these questions before the next step…

4. Rollout with training, coaching & instruction

To change behaviours and adopt a new, efficient recruitment process takes time, patience and focus. Don’t loose sight of why you’re doing this – better efficiencies and productivity. Also it takes the human mind seven attempts to remember a new lesson so coach, train and create instructions for everyone involved along the way to ensure that everyone works in harmony.

5. Finally, have one streamlined plan and stick to it!

Remember that you need to stay focused and if you’ve done as much as you can to streamline, then it should be just a matter of time before your seeing the benefits of a better and more effective recruitment strategy. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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