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5 Things Recruiters Need to Stop Doing with their Job Ads

Posted by Megan Stollery

03-Mar-2017 08:00:00

Barclay Jones ran a great webinar with us recently to show recruiters what they need to stop doing with their job adverts. We want to help our community become innovative with their adverts, place more candidates, engage more clients, and become more successful in 2017.

We talked about:

  • Which words stop people applying for jobs and what to replace them with
  • Do "Rock Stars" and "Geniuses" help or hinder job applications?
  • When to advertise jobs
  • Whether to mention your clients' names or not
  • Which apps can help us with our job adverts
  • Size matters - but which size are we aiming for?
  • Is Christmas Day a great day to post a job?

Barclay Jones was inspired to create an infographic outlining some key tips for recruiters with their job adverts:

  • Stop writing your job adverts for code breakers
  • Stop thinking that there’s a best time to post
  • Stop using job specs
  • Grammar and size matter – stop trying to hire “Sales Mangers”. And check out the size hacks!
  • Stop seeing job adverts as admin!

Check out our infographic below!

5_Things_to_stop_doing_with_your_job_adverts (1)[1].png