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5 Lessons from the Beatles on Creating Superstar Job Advertisements

Posted by Nikki Floyd

13-Jul-2015 12:00:00

The Beatles are one of, if not the most famous rock band in the world. They haven’t been together for over 40 years and yet they’re still in the public consciousness (and inspiring articles like this one!). They’ve inspired generation after generation to chase their dreams, do their best, and understand each other. We at Broadbean feel a deep reading of Beatles’ lyrics could help anyone do just about anything, and this includes creating better job advertisements. So we dove deep in the Beatles’ catalog and found some insights that should help anyone write more inspiring job ad copy. 




“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad/ take a sad song and make it better.” - Hey Jude, The Beatles

We like to pretend every job is a goldmine of fulfillment, but not every position you need to fill will give you inspiration about how to sell it. But just because you’re not on fire about a “senior software analyst” doesn’t mean no one is. If you don’t know anything about the position you’re trying to sell, there are plenty of ways to make it more inspiring. Ask advice from someone who already has the job, read up on best practices in the field, or find an expert in the field to take inspiration from. Just don’t make it bad.

Try This: A video interview with your iPhone with one of your top people in that department. 


“Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner/ but he knew it couldn’t last.” - Get Back, The Beatles

You can’t write job advertisements in a vacuum. Even if you know the job inside and out, you still need to look around you. Take a look at other job ads in the field. See how other companies are posting the same jobs. Find the channels in which they’re posting that specific job. It’s fine if you see what everyone else is doing and find it lacking, but the point is to reassert your convictions by gaining a better understanding of the world around. Don’t be a loner.

Try This: Grab an inspiration link before writing up your next job advertisement. Does yours stack up?


broadbeantwitter-01 Trying to write a superstar job advertisement? Take a little advice from the Beatles.



"Got to be good-looking ‘cause he’s so hard to see.” - Come Together, The Beatles

When it comes to writing job descriptions, you have to captivate. Job seekers spend an average of 50 seconds looking at a job post before deciding if it’s right for them, so you only have a minute to capture their attention. Of course you should have all the requirements of the job, and specifications listed, but to capture a candidate, you need to go out of your way to grab people’s attention from the start of the job post. Pretend you’re the candidate. Would you find what you’re writing appealing? If not, start over. It’s worth it.

Try This: Look at an ad for a local house (a nice one). Does it mention price, features and location? Sure, but does it also have gushing descriptions of the schools, neighbors, unique and even quirky features? Do that, but with your job.


“Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer!” - Helter Skelter, The Beatles

Some clever sleight-of-hand is a tool in every marketer and advertiser’s handbook, but sometimes, it pays to be direct. Around one-third of job seekers responding to a survey from Software Advice last year said they most value honesty and transparency in company culture, making it the most valued aspect. Take this to heart in your job advertisements; don’t mislead candidates, and be clear about as much as you can. If your salary is competitive, list it! Be confident that you’ll attract candidates and make their lives easier by putting as much out there as possible.

Try This: Posting your compensation. For once.


"Running everywhere at such a speed/ ‘till they find there’s no need.” - I’m Only Sleeping, The Beatles

Have a job you need filled quick? You might be tempted to post it everywhere and hope someone applies and gets far enough, has a good enough resume to interview by the following week. The problem with this is that you inevitably end up with too many candidates who simply don’t fit the bill. After this, you may have to spend time culling about 93% of your candidates from your pool. Instead, reach out to employees first, post on niche job boards (where more qualified candidates are always looking), and see if you can’t find someone just as fast, but without the headache of so much sifting. You and your hiring team will thank you.

Try This: Create pre-made tweets and FB posts for your employees, make sure qualified candidates are directed at you and not your ATS


broadbeantwitter-01 Use niche job boards to fill positions quickly and find the right person.


We’re definitely big Beatles fans here at Broadbean, and some of us have definitely taken some useful lessons about life away from their music. And once you read between the lines and look for places where those lessons apply to whatever obstacles are in your way, you’ll have an easier time writing job advertisements that inspire as much as the Beatles do.

With a little help from your friends at Broadbean, you’ll have a much easier time posting your jobs where the best candidate will find you. Sign up for a demo today and see how your next job can easily come together, right now. 

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