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5 Lessons From Mumford and Sons on Creating Superstar Job Advertisements

Posted by Nikki Floyd

06-Jul-2015 12:00:00

Job advertisements can be tricky items in the recruitment process checklist. Sometimes an after thought to simply placing someone in the position, job advertisements aren’t always up to par. The need for this vital piece to the recruitment puzzle is often neglected leaving organizations at a loss for qualified candidates (or at least facing a struggle). However, with a few lessons from Mumford and Sons’ “Believe,” it is easier to understand the desideratum (look it up!) that is the job ad.




1. "And I’m climbing over something, and I’m running through these walls"

Making candidates jump through hoops to make their way through the recruitment process wastes valuable time and costs you valuable candidates. These “walls” have resulted in 47% of candidates declining to apply for a particular employer. That’s nearly half of your candidate pool that self-select out of the process merely because it’s too complicated.

If after you’ve shortened the process and there are several steps during the recruitment process, list them. Provide a call to action at the end of the job advert; don’t leave it up to candidates to simply deduce what they are to do next.


broadbeantwitter-01 Ever think you could learn job advertisement lessons from Mumford and Sons? Check out these tips!


2. "I don’t even know if I believe, everything you’re trying to say to me"

Company culture is important to include in job descriptions, but don’t exaggerate. Your candidates will be able to see right through the little white lies. Briefly describe or provide a link to a page on the company website that alludes to what makes the organization so great. Alison Green (@AskAManager), Writer for Ask a Manager, said:


“Employers love to talk up their cultures, but the truth is in the details: Do they allow flexible hours? Can you telecommute? What kind of professional development do they offer? How competitive are their salaries? Why do people leave? What are the internal politics like?”


3. "I had the strangest feeling, your world’s not all it seems"

Although 97% of HR managers believe an accurate job description (the foundation for a job ad) is particularly important to the recruitment process. Unfortunately, in an effort to make the position interesting to get a highly qualified candidate in the role some companies fail to truly exemplify what the job entails.

Don’t add details that don’t apply to the role or leave out pertinent requirements, candidates want to know what they will be doing in their new job. Not to mention, new hires don’t want to be blindsided with unexpected responsibilities. In short, be clear and concise in your job ads.


broadbeantwitter-01 Don't blindside new hires with unexpected responsibilities. Create accurate job ads with these lessons:


4. "So open up my eyes, tell me I’m alive"

This is one of your first opportunities to wow your prospective talent pool. Give candidates a brief window into the organization and “open up” their eyes to the benefits and opportunities that lie therein. You don’t have to explain the culture; use language that reflects the office atmosphere. Robyn Melhuish, Communications Manager at MedReps.com, suggests:


“Break free from the traditional, boring language of job postings and capture job seekers’ attentions. Crafting unique yet information job descriptions takes time, but attracting top talent is worth it.”


5. "This is never gonna go our way, if I’m gonna have to guess what’s on your mind"

Don’t leave candidates guessing while they are reading the job ad. Chances are, if they don’t find it interesting or if there isn’t enough information in the advert, they will turn to the next open position at the next company.

While they may seem like a chore, creating a thorough and thoughtful job advertisement is worth it. You want to attract high-quality talent, right? Candidates that will fit functionally and culturally? That’s why you need to put extra time and attention into creating these vital recruitment marketing documents. These 5 lessons from Mumford and Sons on creating superstar job ads will help you to see the bigger picture and turn your job advertisements from a pain into a helpful cog in your recruitment machine.

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