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4 Ways to Encourage Employee Generated Content & Why You Need it

Posted by Kelly Robinson

24-Jun-2015 11:00:00


Employer branding is everything in the recruitment space. When executed well, the employer brand brings candidates to your doors because they want to work for you. On the other hand, recruiters have to go search for candidates when it’s not nurtured. The burden of the employer brand isn’t solely on the shoulders of recruiters, or at least it doesn’t have to be.

Organizations can encourage employees to participate through content of their own, shared on the company page. Here are 4 ways you can encourage your happy and engaged employees to share their positive experiences.


1. Give Your Team a Voice

Who better to tell the story of your employer brand with personality and character than those who actually have a part in it? Engage your employees in the employer brand through dynamic communication either through a consistent blogging position or a less static single written piece. These authentic employee creations will show clients the team they are working with and strengthen external showcases of company culture for potential candidates. Russell Miyaki (@rmiyaki), Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director at TMP Worldwide, said:

“With employee-generated content, authenticity is a dominant value in content. It needs to tell a story which enables the audience to associate a positive understanding about the company with an underpinning of career endeavors.”

For those employees that want to share their voice, give them the opportunity to write as often as they choose (upon blog approval).


2. Harness Employee Enthusiasm

Because employee content is an animate piece of employer brand marketing, it’s important that it is genuine employee material. It gives them a chance to express what excites them about their jobs and the company. Currently, 34% of the Fortune 500 companies have blogs; why not allow employees to engage with your audiences through first-hand accounts of what it looks like to work for you?



broadbeantwitter-01 Don't limit your online presence to just social media. 34% of Fortune 500 companies use blogs.


Ask employees to share their positive experiences and times when they have learned something valuable.


3. Everyone has the Capacity to Participate

All of your employees have a voice, an opinion about what the company means to them. Encouraging the majority of your staff to participate in the employee generated content movement. Put their excitement for their job and their workplace on a platform everyone has access to. It will show candidates the benefits of the company environment and inspire current employees.



broadbeantwitter-01 Put voice and character into your content strategy and watch your brand image expand!


Ask your team if they are comfortable participating before you begin the initiative to give you a starting base to understanding which employees (and how many) want to contribute.


4. Don’t Forget Your Brand

Content marketing boosts online presence in an organization’s industry, and even though 83% of marketers have a content marketing strategy, only 35% have documented it. Recruitment marketing with employee generated content, likewise, can strengthen the employer brand online presence. While listening to the voice of your team is important insight for strengthening or correcting corporate behavior, the ultimate purpose of employee generated content is developing the employer brand.



broadbeantwitter-01 We know content marketing strategy is important. But what's the secret in making it killer?


Like T-Mobile’s Magenta campaign, use a talent acquisition campaign that is specifically targeted to prospective candidates.

Employee generated content can be the cornerstone of developing your employer brand. It shows candidates (and even clients) the type of people they will be working with and the cultural atmosphere they will be working in. Your employees can have a hand in nurturing the company brand through their written exhibitions of company life. Harness your team’s enthusiasm after you’ve created a group of employees who want to participate in the content campaign to boost your recruitment marketing strategy. What do you have to lose? If your employees are happy, they want to share it; there’s no better way to do that than through employee generated content.

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