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3 ways to use recruitment technologies to expand your talent pool

Posted by Megan Stollery

30-Oct-2013 11:32:00



1. Run a competition that rewards the referral, not the hire.

By increasing referrals, you will increase your Talent Pool - seems simple doesn't it? The problem is offering a reward on a successful hire means less incentives for a referral, it makes sense if you are only interested in filling that position but we're not, we want to build a database of candidates we can call upon for future roles too. Perhaps anyone that refers a friend gets entered into a prize draw of the latest Apple product (iPad, iPhone etc) to significantly boost the number of referrals. Be sure to let them use LinkedIn or Facebook to make the referral too, the easier you make it, the more you will get.

2. Allow candidates to register on your website.

You may not have a role for them at this moment in time but it doesn't mean they aren't who you will be looking for in the future. As an employer, this is vital, as the candidates who register will already have an interest in your company and often brand advocates make the best employees.

Again, make use of 'Apply With LinkedIn' to allow easy registration, it will also show them who they may know at the company!

3. Stop with the 5 page application forms!

Your drop off rate on your applications forms will be HUGE, you need to capture the candidate's CV and contact details as early as possible in the process as well as permission to store and use these. That way, even if the candidate doesn't get round to telling you the name of their first pet and where they were when they first heard Yesterday by the Beatles, they are still in your talent pool for future roles.

Author: Darren Westall, Broadbean Technology 



Topics: technology , recruitment , talent pool