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3 Ways Google for Jobs can be a Recruiter’s Best Friend

Posted by Alisa McPhail

20-Jul-2018 10:06:18

It seems that in a blink of an eye, the UK recruitment industry has gained its biggest player to date. On July 17th, tech giant Google, rolled out its ‘Google for Jobs’ feature and added it to its already, very sophisticated search function.

But how will it affect the UK recruitment industry? And how can the smart recruiter benefit from Google for Jobs?


Google for Jobs: Well-written job adverts will prevail


Poor quality ads will take a back seat, and recruiters taking the time to perfect their posting will be rewarded for their efforts. Google is known to prioritise content that offers detail and delivers value by answering the questions being asked by searchers.

Want to know what jobseekers are asking?

Explore answerthepublic.com – a free aggregator tool that collates the top subject-specific questions posed to Google and Bing. To understand how Google will index your ad, take a look at this article: What Google for Jobs Can Do For You and Your Company.



Google for Jobs:  Receive more relevant applications


Day-to-day you may receive an abundance of applications that don’t quite hit the spot. But with Google’s winning potion of machine learning and AI, Google for Jobs is set to send fewer, but more suitable candidates your way – saving you a lot of time.

What makes Google's search engine so effective, is the complexity of its semantic search and machine learning technologies. It doesn't just take your search query for its literal meaning. Behind the scenes it calculates millions of similar words and phrases to gain a deeper understanding of what it is you want to see. By monitoring how users respond to its results, Google learns how to perfect its calculations a little more each time.

It is now implementing the exact same technologies into the Google for Jobs functionality. It learns the job search preferences of a user and offers an array of additional filters to drive more accurate and relevant listings.



Google for Jobs: better standard of applications


The Google for Jobs feature promises to remove duplicate job ads from its results. This will prevent candidates from unknowingly taking the time to apply for a position they have previously been disqualified from.

This, along with the time saved by the task of scrolling through multiple job boards, is likely to result in increased concentration and therefore higher quality applications.


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The Challenges?

While it’s all well and good putting a positive spin on this development, it is of course important to acknowledge that it may trigger some challenges. Google has a reputation of spotlighting sites that update their content regularly, which is fantastic for the bigger organisations, but could leave smaller businesses behind. It is crucial, now more than ever, that your recruitment and marketing teams are working together to optimise job ads and collaboratively drive the best results.

At Broadbean, we have partnered up so that your jobs posted through our platform are optimised using machine learning, analysis of other relevant and historic jobs, enrichment and classification through data APIs. All activated to perfect the placement of your ‘Job Cards’ in Google’s search results.

If you'd like to see this in action, please request your demo using this link. We have tailored solutions for internal recruitment teams and staffing agencies - big or small. We'd love to hear from you!


Check out our Google for Jobs infographic:




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