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3 Steps to Succeeding on Social for Recruiters

Posted by Clair Bush

12-Sep-2013 11:07:00



Sitting in wth Steve Ward @CloundNineRec at #TruLondon, discussing how Recruiters can succeed in using social media today. So if you haven't yet turned on to social, here's the 3 steps to getting started...

  1. Start at Linkedin - find your contacts, connect with them and choose them for their relevancy

  2. Switch on Linkedin Contacts (contacts.linkedin.com) and see which of your contacts have Twitter accounts. Follow them and you have your audience

  3. LISTEN a lot… Your audience are being social… not always talking about work! Join a conversation when you’re comfortable with the context

More top tips to follow from #TruLondon over the course of the day!